2021 Bridal Accessory Trends

Now that we’re over halfway through 2021, it’s a great time to examine some of the most popular bridal accessory trends this year has brought with it. Take a look below at the hottest bridal accessory trends of the year so far to see if any of them fit in with your vision of your bridal look as you prepare to walk down the aisle.

Embroidered Veils

Veils are a staple bridal accessory, but this 2021 bridal trend elevates them. Brides are loving to personalize their veils with embroidery, whether it be a flower pattern or something personal, such as a monogram or wedding date. This is a subtle yet impactful way to wear something special on the big day.

Drop Earrings

Earrings are all the rage this wedding season, and drop earrings are playing a starring role. Particularly popular are earrings that feature diamonds, pearls, and beading. This selection of jewels is elegant and makes a nice statement no matter what the bride’s dress looks like or what hair style she opts for.

Colorful Jewelry

Jewelry in bright and bold hues is on trend for 2021. Stones in a rainbow of colors or pieces with colorful beading are more popular now than ever. These pieces are usually versatile and can be worn throughout a wedding weekend rather than just on the big day.


It may seem strange to think of wearing a belt with a wedding gown, but this 2021 bridal accessory trend is actually super stylish. Modern leather belts in a white or ivory hue can be artfully added to many sleek dresses. Belted sashes are another way to take advantage of this trend. Finally, sparkly banded belts add another layer of glam to any bridal look.

Sheer Capes

Another chic bridal accessory trend is sheer capes. These are a great alternative to a veil for something stylish and unique. Many designers have begun making different iterations of these, even with embroidery and artful designs to bring the look to the next level.

Flower Crowns

Due to the nature of many weddings in 2021 being smaller, more intimate, and outdoors, flower crowns have become a huge bridal accessory trend this year. These have a boho feel to them, but can be customized to match the style of nearly any bride. Whether you opt for delicate flowers or bold, bustling blooms, flower crowns make a gorgeous statement and are a perfect natural accessory.


A great hair accessory that is surging in popularity with brides is barrettes. These are usually more understated, working well to hold hair together. You can find these embellished with florals, jewels, or pearls to complement your look.


Speaking of hair piece trends, hairpins are another big bridal accessory trend this year. These are versatile in the fact that they can go with either retro or classic dresses. These look great in an updo or braid and add a pop of pizzazz when scattered about in hair, providing a pop of sparkle or texture. Another great thing about these is that they’re very affordable in most instances, so they’re a budget-friendly way to elevate your look!

Floral Veils

Veils are always in bridal style, but different trends come and go with these staple headpieces. The newest upgrade to the classic veil is floral embroidery, whether that means veils have a floral trim or flowers embroidered all over them. This is a sweet touch for a spring or summer wedding.

Vintage Jewelry

Everything old is new again! There’s been a revival of interest in vintage jewels, particularly for brides to incorporate into their wedding day style. Vintage wedding and engagement rings, brooches, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets all have their place in this 2021 trend. Plus, the hunt for the perfect vintage piece for your wedding day is half the fun!

Make use of these trends to create your dream bridal look, complete with all the accessories you could ever need!

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