2022 Wedding Trends: Celebrate Your Love, Your Way!

Wedding trends have been evolving continuously over the last few years. But the pandemic brought in some totally unexpected changes. Yet, the big question is: what trends are here to stay among the so-called fading fad? One thing born out of a temporary pandemic phase is developing a long-lasting connection with loved ones. Every day we see brides coming in at our store, planning their 2022 wedding less superficially. Couples are unapologetically valuing intimacy more than ever now. And here is what that would mean for the most significant wedding trends in 2022. Courthouse Wedding Shrug off the traditional guest list politics and bank-busting wedding trends to celebrate the way that stays true to your style. Courthouse weddings are inexpensive, non-religious, less fancy ceremonies that allow you to focus on the love between you two, friends, and families. It is less of an overwhelming wedding planning and more of a streamlined experience. For some couples, a courthouse wedding may be their first choice. But for many, it isn’t, and for all the good reasons they believe. After all, why would anyone want to experiment with the wedding ceremonies, stay a bit low-key, and dwell on the idea of inviting only […]

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