4 Ways to Have a Micro Wedding on the Water

A bride and groom on the bow of a boat.

Micro weddings are more and more popular due to the evolving situation with COVID-19. Since couples are finding that small marriage celebrations allow them more flexibility and creativity than traditional weddings with a large guest list, there has been an influx of amazing ideas and inspiration of how to tie the knot that differs from the usual traditions. Read below to learn how you can have the micro wedding of your dreams on the water and say “I do” while enjoying the lull of the waves and scent of salt air.

What Is a Micro Wedding?

Micro weddings are super small weddings that include only a few select guests—usually no more than 20 people. These intimate affairs allow a couple to get married in front of those closest to them without a big, splashy reception. That doesn’t mean there’s no party and it certainly doesn’t mean it’s not a celebration, though! Instead, this is a simpler way to tie the knot.

The Benefits of Micro Weddings

There are a lot of benefits associated with micro weddings. Especially considering how hard it’s been to have large gatherings because of the COVID-19 pandemic, these weddings can be easier to coordinate and host. Affairs of this size also allow for more flexibility in location, venue, and set-up. It goes without saying that these smaller weddings can greatly reduce cost, and they allow couples to spend their day focused on the most important people in their lives.

Micro Weddings on the Water

Here are some ideas for tying the knot on the water for your special micro wedding.

Charter a Yacht

A yacht in the ocean.

One of the most posh ways to tie the knot on the water is to charter a private yacht. Nothing says luxury and style the same way a beautiful boat does, right? The Sail Luna presents a unique experience to get married in a gorgeous location on the boat of your dreams. This boat sails in the US Virgin Islands between October 15th and August 10th and is in Grenada and the Grenadines between August 10th and October 15th. This 2019 45-foot Lagoon catamaran has a professional captain and chef onboard to make your experience truly unforgettable. Not only will this provide an unforgettable experience for you and guests alike, but it’ll allow you privacy and a method of truly getting away from it all to bask in your wedding day.

Go on a Cruise

You can also choose to have your micro wedding on a cruise ship. This way, you and your guests can go on a vacation as you set sail towards your big day. Simply choose an itinerary, invite your guests, and pack your bags! In addition to tying the knot, you’ll have a built-in vacation that allows you to spend time with each other, enjoy the company of your guests, and make tons of memories together. There’s nothing quite as great as that, right?

Get Married on a Sailboat

Getting married on a sailboat is a special experience that you and your guests will never forget. Charter a sailboat for the day or evening and go around your favorite harbor. Serve light fare and refreshments for guests and exchange your vows above the deep blue sea. After your sail has concluded, you can choose to all go dine together or go off with your new spouse privately to keep the celebration going.

Pick Your Favorite Dock

A wedding ceremony on a lake dock.

You can also get married right above the water without having to sail off on a boat. Choose a dock that you love to accommodate your micro wedding. That’s one of the beautiful things about micro weddings—you don’t need a large space to make them happen! Having your wedding right around the time of sunset will make for incredible ambiance and scenery as you say “I do.” This is the perfect setting for a more laid back wedding with an undeniable sense of tranquility.

Weddings on the water are special, and having yours in front of an intimate group of loved ones is even more amazing. There is no better way to start your life together than doing so in nature and enjoying the beauty that the world has to offer!

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