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5 Best Gifts to Give Your Wedding Guests

Weddings have changed a lot over the years, and wedding favours are no exception. Some traditional trends have stayed alive and continued to be welcomed classics, and new trends promise to thrill and surprise your guest. If you’re struggling to choose that perfect gift to thank your guests for coming to your big day, this is the list for you. 5 Best Gifts to Give Your Wedding Guests

1. Treats

These are a classic wedding favor that no list would be complete without them. Sweets are incredibly customizable and fit perfectly into every wedding environment. From snack bars with little customized baggies to individually packaged macrons or cupcakes, treats are cost-effective favours that guests will be thrilled to take home with them.

Tasting treats for your wedding guests

2. Mugs

Mugs are multi-purpose and lasting reminders of your big day for your guests. They are easily customizable, with cute thank you tags and personalized art on the mug itself. Additionally, these favours can be paired easily with hot chocolate pouches, treats, and any other wedding favour you may consider having at your wedding!

Customized wedding mugs for gifts

3. Custom Soaps

Anything that is easily customizable and universally used is guaranteed to be appreciated by your wedding guests. As such, soaps are another classic that can fit itself into any wedding theme. Soap can take any shape, any colour and made to smell in any way if you find the right supplier! Nautical themed wedding? Anchor shaped soap! The possibilities to get creative are endless. The packaging of soap even makes perfect opportunities to commemorate the day and thank your guests!

Special soap for your wedding guests.

4. Mini Champagne Bottles

What better way to ensure the celebration of your big day doesn’t end when the night ends? Mini champagne bottles are cute, with multiple ways to make it suit the needs of any wedding. Younger guests may not appreciate champagne but substituting the alcohol with juice is always an option! Bottles are easy to personalize with sticker labels and tags that could double as mini cards.

Everyone love bubbles at the wedding

5. Mini Succulents

A modern gift that is guaranteed to surprise your guests and stand as a lasting memory of the celebrations! Succulents are resilient and cute plants, and no gift list would be complete without them. Of course, customization for your wedding is entirely possible with custom pots, stickers or tags that can serve as a lasting reminder of the special day to your guests!

Choosing the perfect wedding favours can undoubtedly be a challenge, but sometimes the power is in the details. Easily personalized gifts like the ones that made this list are bound to be a winner at any wedding, being able to turn the classics into magical moments in your guests is incredibly rewarding! When choosing a gift, be sure to ask yourself about what kind of impression and memory you want to spark in your guests when choosing the perfect gift!

Plants are the newest wedding gift trend

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