5 New Bridal Shower Traditions

A group of women laughing at a bridal shower.

Bridal showers have been a long-held wedding tradition, but that doesn’t mean showers today are what they used to be. This festivity has changed a lot, especially in recent years, leading to a completely reimagined bridal shower. Getting the bride ready for her wedding has never been more fun, and many of the changes that have come about for showers are exciting updates. Read all about them below.

1. Co-Ed “Jack and Jill” Parties

A bride and groom at their co-ed bridal shower.

For many years, wedding showers were restricted to female attendees only. Well, this is one thing that has majorly changed! Now, what are called “Jack and Jill” showers are very popular. These showers include both men and women and are typically held at night, which is another departure from traditional showers. Including men and women in these celebrations gives it a whole new feel, making it inclusive and negating some of the more traditional shower happenings, such as most games. Of course, not every couple opts to do their shower this way, but it’s definitely rising in popularity!

2. Bridal Shower Games (Or the Lack Thereof)

While bridal shower games were always a must, these have taken a back seat as of late. These somewhat cheesy games are still enjoyed at many showers, but a lot of brides and their squad choose to skip them at their showers these days.

3. Not Opening Gifts

Wedding showers have historically revolved around gifts. Registries have reigned supreme and have been a big part of why these celebrations even occur, giving guests the chance to “shower” the bride with gifts to fill her new, wedded home. Well, things have changed and many couples live together and even buy homes together prior to getting married, which is different than it was for prior generations. For that reason, gifts aren’t as needed and many brides choose not to do a registry at all.

It’s also a different story when it comes to opening gifts. While it’s always been a big deal for the bride to open all of her gifts at her shower in front of the group, announcing who gave each gift and showing off what it is, that’s no longer the status quo. Many brides are now choosing to do a “display” shower where it’s requested that guests don’t wrap gifts and they are all displayed where everyone can see what the bride received rather than watching her open them. Many brides find themselves wanting to spend less time at the party opening gifts and more time mingling with their guests, which accounts for this change.

4. Planning Around a Theme

A bridal shower table decorated as a tea party theme.

Who doesn’t love a good theme party, right? Bridal showers have become a big chance to have a themed party, whereas they used to just be a plain and simple “bridal shower” theme. Now, bridal showers run the gamut of themes from Mexican fiesta to a tea party to “brunch and bubbly.” There’s no limit to how creative the planners of these parties can get, which really puts a new spin on them and makes them even more fun!

5. Curated Activities

Whereas it was a tradition, as mentioned above, for showers to be filled with somewhat cheesy games, for many that’s a thing of the past. Move over shower games and make way for curated guest activities! These activities could be anything from a terrarium making workshop to even a drag show to really spice things up. Again, this is a chance for party planners to get creative and to do something special that they know the bride will love.

There are so many updates to bridal showers that we consider them to be completely reimagined from what they once were. These changes are a great way for brides and their loved ones to honor the shower tradition while giving them modern updates that really make them their own!

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