5 Spring Wedding Themes For 2022

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The spring season is a great time for brighter and newer beginnings. The weather is pleasant, outdoor venues are in full bloom, vendors are available, there are attractive color palettes, and you have more wedding dates. So let your love bloom this spring. Plan your 2022 spring wedding theme with Cocomelody. Looking for inspiration? Here is some … 1. The Outdoors – Closer to Nature Wedding Photo Credit: Kimberly Conley ;Dress style: CW2368 Spring is the perfect time for outdoor weddings. Whether you are planning a beach, vineyard, or garden wedding, it is sure to capture the air of romance. Those raw elements lend an extraordinary backdrop. Also, the open space allows more flexibility with the arrangements and to explore the uncharted waters. Usually, springtime has both sunny days and windy evenings. So, keep the weather conditions in mind. Scout the location beforehand so it makes planning easier. Set up a space that is beautiful but also practical and accommodating. Find inspiration in everything around: the weather, the colors, or maybe a scent. Dress appropriately. Coral, green, lavender, mauve, pale blue, pink, taupe, and yellow are excellent spring wedding dress colors. For bridesmaids, fair weather calls for florals. So, from delicately structured […]

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