5 Tips to Avoid Bridesmaid Dress Drama

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Let’s face it, bridesmaid dress drama is INEVITABLE. It will happen since a lot more is expected of the bridesmaid than the groomsman. Having all that weight on her shoulders can stress her over the slightest of things. But that shouldn’t stop her from finding the best fit and flaunting fit till the last bit. How can she do that? Help her put her best foot forward. Here are five tips to avoid bridesmaid dress drama like a pro. 1. Well Thought Out Budget Don’t assume a crazy expensive budget for the bridesmaid dress. Choose a dress that is reasonably priced. Also, let your bridesmaid tell you what “reasonable” means to her. Usually, bridesmaids are expected to cover their dress, hair, and makeup costs themselves. But if you have the budget, cover her dress costs in part or whole – it will be very thoughtful of you. Money is a tricky topic – so work out the expenses together. If someone continues to grumble about buying a budgeted bridesmaid dress, sit with them one on one and address the pain points tactfully – no ego, no anger, pure love, and clear communication. 2. Unique Style Photo credit:  @touchofgracephoto; dress style:CB0248, PR3536 […]

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