5 Tips to Keep in Mind When Choosing Flower Girl Dresses

Your flower girl is the sweetest, cutest, and youngest member of the bridal party. She’s the last member of the wedding party to walk down the aisle before you make your grand entry. Having the most adorable role to play, i.e., paving the way for the bride’s entrance, she adds a cute quotient to the party, and she definitely deserves an outfit that shows her best self. Hers is literally the tiniest ensemble that deserves as much attention as the bridal dress. But finding a fit for the youngest participant at the wedding that also complements the party can be challenging. If you’re wondering what she should be wearing, here are five tips on buying the best flower girl dress. Tip #1: Ask and Involve Her Parents Most flower girls are between the age of four and eight. So, you must involve her parents as they’ll do the most work leading to the wedding. And even before that, formally propose to them the idea of choosing their little one as your flower girl, just as you propose to your bridesmaids. Also, since her parents will pay for the dress, it is courteous to have them accompany you on dress shopping […]

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