5 Ways to Decorate Your Wedding with Hanging Flowers

A wedding reception decorated with hanging flowers and greenery.

Wedding trends come and go, and that’s especially true when it comes to florals. Beautiful blooms are a big part of your wedding day and of the decor you choose to make your event extra special. One recent trend that’s absolutely beautiful is hanging flowers. This can be something that makes a huge statement at your event and steals the show. Learn more about this gorgeous trend below and the different ways you can incorporate it into your big day!

1. Stringed Florals

Flowers that are “floating” on nearly invisible strings are a great way to accent the ceremony behind where you and your spouse will say “I do.” These hanging flowers are delicate but their beauty makes a statement. They’re also a great backdrop for photos! Go with delicate pastel flowers for something more subtle or big, bold colored blooms for a much stronger statement. Where you take this element of the hanging flowers trend is truly up to you, as you can use as few or as many flowers as you want for different looks.

2. Hanging Centerpieces

Hanging greenery as centerpieces at a wedding reception.

Another way to utilize this trend is to have hanging centerpieces instead of traditional table arrangements. These installations can hang wistfully above each reception table in place of an arrangement planted firmly on each table. They can be at varying heights and in different sizes, creating a cohesive look by all featuring similar arrangements with the same flowers and colors. Each table can even have a couple smaller hanging arrangements if you like the look of that better. The possibilities are endless when it comes to hanging centerpieces! Who knew?

3. Large Scale Installations

A large scale installation of pink flowers at a wedding reception.

You can really go over the top with hanging florals by having a large scale installation along the ceiling of your reception. This can be a piece that hangs over the head table, middle of the room, or the dance floor. These installations are typically lush with overflowing flowers and greenery, immediately catching the eye of everyone who enters the room. The vision of a floating, bustling flower arrangement is not one you see often, so you can understand why it’s something that makes quite an impression. The great thing about these installations is that they are somewhat of a blank canvas that can be completely customized to fit your preferences. From your wedding colors to favorite flowers, large scale floating floral arrangements are all about the aesthetic you desire!

4. Dried Flowers

Hanging florals at a wedding reception.

A sustainable way to enjoy the hanging floral trend is to make use of dried floral arrangements. These look great hanging from the ceiling and can create a cool, boho, earthy aesthetic for your reception. Dried florals come with a lot of benefits, too. They’re a more budget-friendly option, will retain their beauty well after your wedding is over, and they’re less susceptible to the elements if you’re getting married in warm weather.

5. Paired with Lights

A hanging floral piece can look especially beautiful when paired with other elements, such as lighting. Whether you position light bulbs from the greenery that artfully hang down towards reception tables or you get a neon sign boasting your new last name to hang among the blooms, adding light brings this decor to another level. It’s cool, fresh, and looks amazing! You can also pair this trend with string lights, which works especially well in a barn or tented wedding. These lights are charming and a great way to enhance the aesthetic of your reception space while also being completely functional.

Hanging florals are a great way to wow your guests and do something out of the ordinary when it comes to your wedding decor. There are so many ways to take advantage of this trend; you can really personalize it to suit your event!

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