6 Things You Won’t See at a Generation Z Wedding

Two brides exiting their wedding ceremony with guests throwing confetti.

When it comes to getting hitched, the members of Generation Z are proving themselves yet again to be birds of a different feather. According to a recent survey, nine out of 10 Generation Zers still see themselves getting married in the future, however, 92 % of them prefer to be financially stable before they say, “I do.” Maybe their practicality and inherent career ambitions explain why Generation Z is doing things differently when it comes to planning weddings; young couples are doing away with anything traditional and instead, in true Gen Z fashion, are embracing wedding concepts related to personalization and uniqueness. If you’re planning to attend a Generation Z wedding, or curious about what’s next in store for the future generation of weddings, here are six things you won’t see at a Generation Z wedding.

1. A Large Guest List

Gen Z is all about keeping their weddings close and intimate. In fact, many Gen Zers would prefer to elope or hold a small ceremony at city hall or in a backyard. So, don’t expect 100+ people at their wedding—it will be more like 30 people or under. And if you’re one of those invited, consider yourself special!

2. Lots of Plastic and Single-Use Items

A table setting at a wedding reception decorated with brightly colored items.

Environmental impacts are important to Gen Z, so it’s likely they will be more eco-conscious when it comes to prepping and planning their weddings. You won’t see a lot of plastic or unnecessary single-usage items at their weddings like confetti, plastic cups, or decor that will be thrown out once the night is over. You can bet that there will be a ton of compostable and recyclable items being used with an emphasis on conservation and sustainability.

3. Tons of Wedding Gifts

Similarly, since Gen Z is more socially conscious, they are acutely aware of the privileges that they have compared to others. Recent surveys have shown that members of Generation Z are likely to include a charity in their wedding registry as a way to give back and use their wedding to make a social impact. It won’t be surprising to see if a number of Gen Z weddings do away with a registry altogether and insist on guests donating to an organization of the couple’s choice as a gift.

4. A White Wedding Dress or a Tuxedo

A groom lifting up a bride wearing a black tulle dress.

While Gen Z brides are definitely open to wearing a white wedding dress, don’t expect that a white one—or even a dress for that matter—is going to be the norm. Gen Z members love to express themselves authentically. They’re not ones to adhere to tradition just for tradition’s sake, so if a bride doesn’t want to wear white or a dress, or a groom doesn’t want to wear a tux or a suit, then they just won’t! Don’t be surprised if you see a range of more casual clothing or loud and expressive fashion at a Gen Z wedding.

5. Typical Decor

Not surprisingly, Generation Z is all about the latest trends in technology, and they want their big day to reflect that. You can expect a lot less of the traditional decor we’re accustomed to—like small decor items and accoutrements, floral walls, paper menus and place cards, etc.—and instead you will see a lot more digital additions like smart mirrors, video walls, digital signs, and digital menus.

6. A Wedding Party

A young bride and groom exchanging rings at an outdoor ceremony under a whimsical arch.

Because Gen Z wants to keep their weddings as low-key and personal as possible, it’s safe to say that gone are the days of huge wedding parties. Most Gen Z weddings might include a best man and a maid of honor, or even an eye witness or two to their matrimony, but you won’t see a large group of color-coordinated bridesmaids and groomsmen.

You will definitely feel like you’ve stepped into the future at a Gen Z wedding. However, with a new twist on old traditions, it will be exciting to be a part of a new generation of happy couples who are getting married the way they want to.

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