6 Ways a Micro Wedding Will Save You Money

A bride and groom kissing in front of a handful of wedding guests.

Huge weddings are the dream for plenty of couples, but not everyone. More and more brides and grooms are planning micro weddings these days since they may not want a huge wedding, but still want to share the moment with their closest friends and family members. If you’ve been looking for ways to save money on your wedding, then a micro wedding may be your answer.

What is a Micro Wedding?

A micro wedding is precisely what it sounds like: a tiny wedding ceremony and reception. Typically, micro weddings have a guest list that doesn’t exceed 50 people. It’s a great way to host an intimate celebration of a couple’s union. Micro weddings usually include all the usual elements, such as a traditional ceremony and a full reception with dancing, cake-cutting, and even speeches, but it hugely limits the number of people attending.

Micro weddings are a great option for anyone with a small budget or hoping to make wedding planning a bit less overwhelming. Planning a micro wedding makes your wedding day more personal while saving money and sparing stress.

6 Ways a Micro Wedding Will Save You Money

1. Smaller Guests Lists Simply Cost Less

Having a lot of guests at your wedding is expensive—there’s no secret about it. The larger your guest list, the more expensive your wedding will be due to a lot of factors: more invitations, a larger venue, more food, etc.

2. Lower-Priced Venue Options

A micro wedding ceremony on the dock of a lake.

When you have a maximum of 50 guests at your wedding, you have a lot more options in terms of venues. Rather than spending tens of thousands of dollars on a venue to host hundreds of guests, a micro wedding allows you to choose small, intimate, and more affordable sites. Backyard weddings, beach weddings, or even someone’s garden are all great opportunities for a ceremony site and a reception. (The amount of money you save on a venue alone could pay for an incredible honeymoon trip.)

3. Fewer Decorations

A table setting at a wedding reception with blue decor.

When you have a big venue and reception site, that often means you have a lot that needs to be decorated. Additionally, a big guest list means a lot of tables that need centerpieces and other decorations. A micro wedding means you’re working with a much smaller space—i.e., fewer decorations. You don’t need to blow thousands of dollars to make the space beautiful.

4. Less Food Accommodations

Food at a wedding reception.

A lot of couples spend a great deal of money making sure they have plenty of food options available for their massive guest list. Allergies, diets, picky eaters, and more can end up making your catering bill pretty expensive. This doesn’t even begin to note the beverage and drink bill. The larger the wedding, the more food and drink you need to provide and the more variety you need to offer. A micro wedding allows you to spend way less on food not just because the guest list is smaller, but also because there are fewer people with food restrictions.

5. Fewer Rentals

Renting chairs, tables, benches, linens, dishes, utensils, and more can easily add up for big weddings. When you’re planning a micro wedding, you can get away with renting fewer and fewer things. It’s also a more personal, intimate setting so you can work with more casual items rather than expensive, high-end wedding rentals.

6. Casual Wedding Attire

A bride wearing a casual dress and holding a bouquet of tulips.

While you don’t necessarily need to make a micro wedding more casual, it’s much easier to do so than if you have a massive wedding. You can go for a less expensive dress if you want and save money on suit rentals if desired. Your wedding party, family, and guests can also get away with spending less on their attire.

Final Thoughts

Small does not mean boring! A micro wedding is a great way to focus your funds on creating a private, magical day that’s memorable and wonderful. Keep in mind that a small wedding doesn’t guarantee you’ll save money. You still have to be mindful of your budget and careful about your spending if you don’t want to overspend. It can be just as easy to go over the top with a micro wedding as it is with a large wedding, so pay attention to your budget!

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