6 Wedding Cake & Cocktail Pairings That Sound So Delicious

Dessert & alcohol – my two undeniable vices. Pairing the two together can be so easy & so delicious.

When Jack & I got married in Mexico we made sure we went above and beyond for both: forgoing favors & extravagant decor to get spendy on Oaxacan cocktails, margaritas & a whole lot of artisanal Mezcal.

On the dessert front? I devoted about as much time as I spent dress shopping seeking out our local churro cart and the two-hundred boozy paletas (a sort of Mexican popsicle laced with alcohol) of ten different tropical flavors. My mom made our dream coconut cake with pineapple flowers for good measure.

So when our friends at Be Inspired PR approached us with these creative wedding cake and cocktail (or wine!) pairings we were salivating and ready to share.

While no, your desserts and drinks don’t have to match, it can be absolutely gratifying to do so. When brainstorming easy pairings (former wine sales Claire at your service) think about location. Pair a regional desert with a cocktail that features herbs & juices from the same region. For more specific creative ideas, read on from our experts below!

1. Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake + Lambrusco

“For chocolate cake, I would suggest pairing with Lambrusco, a red sparkling wine, known as liquid caviar. A light or dolce version of a Lambrusco is the perfect and refreshing pairing for a decadent chocolate cake. There are a few versions of Lambrusco from hints to blueberries or the taste of strawberries with little tannin.” — AJ Williams, Founder + Creative Director, AJ Events

2. Raspberry Cream Cake + Brachetto

“I love pairing any cake or dessert with Brachetto. It’s light, sparkling and very refreshing and always a crowd-pleaser. It’s very aromatic. Your nose will pick up raspberries, strawberries and sweet cream that follow through to your palate.” — AJ Williams, Founder + Creative Director, AJ Events

3. Chocolate Chili Cake + Classic Margarita

“When pairing cocktails and cakes, flavor profiles and seasonal availability are the two biggest things to think about. For instance, if one of your signature drinks is a margarita, consider including a spicy ganache to your cake. That will stay within the Mexican flavor profile and tie the cake and cocktail together. We like a classic margarita to go along with our El Diablo cake, which is a rich chocolate cake with a chili and cinnamon dark chocolate ganache.” – Randi Smith, Founder, Sugar Euphoria

Photo via Sugar Euphoria

4. Strawberry Shortcake + Rosé

“In terms of seasons, you want to choose flavors that are in season so you get the freshest flavors and match it with a complimentary cocktail. A wedding cake with fresh strawberries is an ideal choice for spring and summer weddings and would pair well with a rosé since the wine has a fruity flavor.” – Randi Smith, Founder, Sugar Euphoria

5. Salted Caramel Cake + Smoky Manhattan

“We tend to serve seasonally, whether it be food or drinks, so sticking with a market-driven sensibility for any pairing suggestions would be a good idea. And, since California fall weddings are something pretty special, I’d go with the seasonality of salted caramel mousse or pumpkin whoopie pies paired with a smoky Manhattan.” – Sarah Kuhlberg, Creative Director, Colette’s Catering

6. Classic Chocolate Layer Cake + POG (Passionfruit, Orange, Guava) Cocktail

“I love the idea of pairing cocktails and desserts together! An example would be a tropical, summery dessert-like coconut panna cotta with a classic, fresh lime margarita. Also, a refreshing POG cocktail (passionfruit, orange + guava) would be great with anything chocolate!” – Sarah Kuhlberg, Creative Director, Colette’s Catering

Photo by Sanaz Photography | Catering by Colette’s Catering

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Feature Image : Deco Tartelette