7 Free Ways to Destress from Wedding Planning

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Wedding planning is objectively stressful. While it’s certainly also exciting and fun for many brides, there’s so much that goes into planning a great wedding day that feelings of overwhelm are practically inevitable. Learning how to manage your stress as an engaged couple and finding easy ways to destress will be your secret to navigating this time with ease. Bonus: techniques you learn to destress during wedding planning can also help in normal life, even after the wedding is over! Here are some free ways you can destress from wedding planning.

1. Get Away from the Screen

A lot of wedding planning consists of sitting at your computer or swiping through your phone, searching for ideas, taking notes, answering emails, and looking through vendor websites. You may find yourself awake until 1 in the morning, scrolling through inspiration sites—or comparing yourself to other people or wedding budgets and ultimately feeling bad about your situation. Setting boundaries on your screen time can help you destress from wedding planning like you wouldn’t believe. Consider phone-free evenings or staying off social media on the weekends. See how you feel afterward and you may implement this habit into your married life, as well.

2. Take Care of Your Mind and Body

It may sound cliché, but a walk through the park can make an enormous difference in helping you destress from wedding planning. Hitting the gym, attending a yoga class, or even throwing the ball around for the dog are great ways to destress. Move your body and give your mind time to calm down. Exercise and movement are some of the best things for both your physical and mental health.

3. Go on Date Nights

You and your fiancé are likely so swamped with wedding planning that you may have forgotten about maintaining the romance of your relationship. Take a break and make sure you implement purposeful, quality date nights into your week. They don’t have to cost much; a night drive sharing your favorite music together or playing your favorite board game at home can be enough! It’s easy to forget about this investment when you get busy with other things, but it’s so important to have quality time together when you aren’t discussing seating arrangements, cake flavors, or dress colors.

4. Press into a Creative Outlet

When was the last time you invested in your favorite hobby or took time to create something? Maybe you used to write, draw, knit, or go on weekend trips and document them. Maybe you enjoy photography, thrifting stylish clothes, or graphic design. Press into your creativity to help you destress from wedding planning. You might be surprised at how much better you feel after scratching your creative itch.

5. Journal

Journaling is a simple way of pouring out your emotions and stresses. Writing down how you’re feeling, especially when the stress is creeping in, can help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. You may even solve some problems as you write out your thoughts! Just take some time for yourself to relax, maybe drink a glass of wine, light a candle, and journal out what you honestly think and feel.

6. Allow Yourself to Feel Nervous

Sometimes the stress we feel is just nerves—it’s exciting to plan a wedding and get closer to marrying your best friend! Rather than trying to stifle your jitters, however, acknowledge them and try to pinpoint where they’re coming from. Are you stressed or excited? Are you feeling burnt out from planning or anxious about all the details? Allow yourself the time and space to fully feel your emotions and process them so you don’t end up frustrated at the entire process.

7. Delegate Tasks

You may be feeling stressed because you’re taking on too much of the wedding planning yourself. Make sure your fiancé is helping you in the planning. Have your maid of honor and best man be responsible for some tasks. Have any vendors you hire fully take care of their responsibilities and make sure you aren’t taking on more stress than is rightfully yours. It’s certainly a stressful time, but you will make it worse by trying to do everything yourself the entire time. It’s OK to ask for help. It’s OK to trust others with your vision for the day.

Wedding planning is a naturally stressful process, but you don’t need to invest in professional massages or a vacation to feel better. Consider things you like to do, even if it’s just lighting a candle and reading a book, and give yourself the space to do them. Keep the big picture in mind and never forget that all of this is to celebrate the fact that you’re marrying your best friend. Adventure is right around the corner!

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