7 Resolutions to Make if You’re Getting Married in 2022

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Hopefully, 2022 has started out amazingly for you. While you likely have some resolutions of your own, there are a few others that you might not have considered yet, but that are helpful for engaged couples prepping for their 2022 wedding. Here are some goals related to your relationship to help ensure your wedding and marriage are a raging success!

1. Spend Time Together Without Distractions

When was the last time you spent a significant amount of time with your fiancé without the TV on, phones buzzing, or a bunch of other distractions? In 2022, set a resolution to spend deliberate time together where distractions aren’t allowed. Phones must be silenced, the TV has to be off, and you have to make eye contact when you talk. You might be surprised at how quickly this helps you feel closer to your partner.

2. Try Something New

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Getting outside one’s comfort zone isn’t easy for anyone, but doing it alongside the love of your life makes it more enjoyable and helps you two bond even more. Set a schedule for how often you want to try something completely new—either that one or both of you have never done. This could be weekly, monthly, or every three months. Write down some ideas if it helps and pick them out of a jar when it comes time to try a new activity together.

3. Have Purposeful Date Nights

Remember when you two were just starting to get to know each other? Remember how intentional your hangouts were? Maybe they weren’t official “dates” in the beginning, but you got excited about hanging out and you may have put some effort into making sure what you did was enjoyable. Try putting some of that effort into your date nights today. Plan something your fiancé would enjoy and encourage them to do the same. Have dates regularly.

4. Listen Without Thinking of How to Respond

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It’s easy to think you’re listening to your loved one when in reality, you’re trying to think of what you’ll say next. Practice listening to your partner more and really pay attention to what they’re saying when they speak. You both will begin to feel like you know them better…because you will!

5. Communicate Your Feelings

Poor communication is one of the main reasons couples fight. Help alleviate your fights by clearly communicating your feelings rather than slipping into habits of passive aggression or annoyance. The silent treatment never cleared up any issues, but honestly communicating with your partner can solve a lot!

6. Value Your Alone Time

A woman relaxing in a bathtub with a book.

No, this doesn’t mean alone time with your partner. It means alone time with yourself. It stands to reason that your fiancé is your favorite person, but you want to make sure you’re healthy and happy on your own as well. Check-in with yourself every once in a while. Make sure you’re doing the things you love to do—maybe that’s going for a walk, drawing, playing a sport, etc. It’s OK to do things sometimes that your partner doesn’t do with you. Make sure you both have your own interests and goals.

7. Have Fun “Penalty” Activities

Rather than constantly getting on each other’s nerves with the little habits that drive each other crazy—like leaving socks on the floor or not cleaning hair out of the shower drain—create a game out of it. This helps keep low-level annoyances actually low rather than allowing them to build into big resentments. Whenever the low-level annoyance happens, the culprit pulls a paper out of a jar and has to do the activity. Ideas for what to include in the jar could be, “Give your partner a back rub,” “Make dinner,” or “Buy their favorite beverage.”

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