7 Things You Still Need for a Micro Wedding

A bride wearing a straw hat and a bohemian wedding dress.

Micro weddings are becoming increasingly popular due to their intimacy, affordability, and flexibility. It’s much easier to splurge on your dream location, food, or dress when you don’t have hundreds of guests you need to feed and entertain. While you can make your wedding whatever you want it to be, it’s important to keep in mind that even micro weddings have some “required” elements.

Don’t throw the wedding planning checklists out the window just because you’ve limited your guest list. Any event—especially a wedding, and yes, even a micro wedding—benefits from some careful planning and attention to detail. Here are seven things you still need for a micro wedding.

1. A Venue

A micro wedding ceremony set up on the dock of a lake.

Whether you’re inviting 25 people to your wedding or 250, you need a place for those people to go and a place for them to hang out for the reception afterward. Micro weddings are a nice blessing in that they give you far more flexibility in your venue than larger weddings can. It’s much easier to host a backyard wedding, restaurant wedding, or even a beach wedding when you have fewer guests. Do a little daydreaming, some research, and even some Pinterest-surfing for inspiration as you think up your dream venue.

2. A Way to Live Stream the Ceremony

Due to their very nature, micro weddings have a shortened guest list. This means there are a lot of people who won’t be at your wedding who may have enjoyed coming. This could include extended family members or even some close friends. It’s common for someone to live stream micro weddings so extended family members can tune in and watch online. This is especially helpful if your original wedding plan was to host a much larger event. Live streaming is a great way to include anyone who didn’t make it on the shortened guest list or who couldn’t travel.

3. Decor

A table at a wedding reception decorated with candles and white roses.

A wedding wouldn’t be a wedding without proper decor, but make sure you consider your goals before purchasing yours. When planning a micro wedding, usually couples go one of two ways: they work within a tiny budget and plan a beautiful but economical event, or they use up a normal-sized wedding budget to plan an epic (though small) event. The benefit of a smaller wedding is that you can be far more intentional with your design. Get creative, but make sure you consider your goals and budget.

4. Seating

Just because you’re planning a micro wedding doesn’t mean that people won’t need to sit. Make sure you have places where your guests can rest their feet and easily eat food. While you don’t necessarily need to go super traditional with tables, chairs, and a full set of dinnerware, you do want to make sure there are plenty of places for everyone to find a seat if desired.

5. Wedding Day Traditions

A bride and groom holding a small cake a their micro wedding.

Planning your wedding is 100 percent up to you and your preferences. You can keep or discard any traditions you want. Never feel like you can’t partake in a wedding tradition simply because you’re doing things on a smaller scale. If you want to have the first dance, cut the cake, and do a bouquet toss…it’s your wedding, so go for it! Create a ceremony and reception timeline to make sure you include everything you want. Make things as simple or as luxurious as you see fit.

6. A Positive, Flexible Mindset

While planning a micro wedding may be simpler than putting a huge event together, it’s still challenging and sometimes there will be things that don’t go according to plan. Additionally, there may be things you didn’t even think of that pop up the day-of and cause some annoyance. Don’t let small things ruin your day. Keep a positive, flexible mindset and always keep the important part in focus: you get to marry the love of your life and you’re celebrating a lifetime of love together. All the other things are just icing on the cake.

7. Music

A pair of guitar players on a lawn at a wedding.

Even if you don’t plan to have dancing, music is an important element to any event. It helps set the mood of the room, makes quiet moments less awkward, and gives your guests something to talk about or enjoy. You can even hire a live band for your micro wedding if there’s room in your budget to help make the event even more exciting.

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