8 Wedding Planning Tasks to Give Your Fiance

A groom getting out of a vintage car in front of his bride.

If you’re a Type A personality (or just overly eager to make your dream wedding vision come true), you likely want to take on all the wedding planning responsibilities by yourself. But even if you’re a professional wedding planner, this isn’t a good idea! Not only can the planning process be stressful, but you’re taking away a once-in-a-lifetime experience from your fiancé.

After all, your wedding is a special day for both of you, so it makes sense to make it happen together. Forget the stereotype that the groom doesn’t want to be involved—everyone has a picture of how they want to get married. And by sharing the moment, you will not only create the perfect wedding, but hopefully bond in the process.

While there are many aspects of wedding planning in which both parties should have their say, there are certain tasks that you can entrust to your fiancé, especially if they have a knack for something specific. For example, if they’re the foodie in the family, let them take care of the menu. However, don’t think that you’re handing over a blank check. As with marriage, planning the perfect wedding is about communication and compromise. Think of yourself as a team.

On that note, let’s look at what tasks you can hand over to your significant other. You’ll be surprised, but many of these they will genuinely enjoy taking responsibility for.

1. Planning the Honeymoon Details

A man and woman on their honeymoon walking on the beach.

Since the honeymoon is meant to be the trip of a lifetime, it’s something that’s best planned by both of you. However, many adventurous brides often leave the entire thing to their fiancé. As long as you can pinpoint a few key factors such as setting, theme, accommodation, activities, etc. (as well as what you definitely won’t tolerate), you can probably trust your better half to fill in the gaps.

2. Creating the Reception Menu

Burger slider appetizers at a wedding reception.

If you’re preparing to get hitched, your fiancé should have a good idea of your food preferences. Therefore, it’s pretty safe to leave this task for them to handle. Of course, you should discuss it if you’re keen on a certain cuisine or dining style, and don’t forget to think about any guests with dietary restrictions, but the rest should be easy for them to arrange.

3. Creating the Bar Menu

Cocktails at a wedding reception bar.

Playing bartender is something that almost any groom will enjoy. In fact, it could be the most fun task you give them. And since organizing a drinks menu for a wedding is relatively straightforward, it will feel more like entertainment than a chore.

4. Performing Random Admin Tasks

For those with an organized fiancé, this is a no-brainer. There are plenty of administrative to-dos that someone needs to handle. At the very least, this includes applying for a marriage license. You can also let them take care of logistical matters such as booking accommodations for out-of-town guests and booking appointments with vendors. In addition, if they’re money-savvy, you should put them in charge of basic bookkeeping so you can keep track of your wedding budget.

5. Picking up Slack with Daily Errands and Chores

If nothing else, ask your fiancé to help you out in other ways than specifically wedding planning. Have him take care of more household chores, such as cleaning or cooking, especially on days when you’re extra busy. They should be more than happy to ease the burden while you work on the big day.

6. Coordinating Reception Music and Entertainment

Two musicians playing music at a garden wedding reception.

Wedding entertainment is yet another thing most grooms will happily handle. It’s a particularly great idea if they have a musical ear or are known for being the life of the party. Feel free to be involved too, as the music should be something both you and your fiancé enjoy, but also something that all guests can vibe to.

7. Choosing His Wedding Outfit

A groom wearing a navy suit.

Once you agree on a matching color and/or style, leave it to your fiancé to choose what he wants to wear. Leave it to them to decide what they want their wedding party to look like, too. Since a wedding is one of the most important days of anyone’s life, you can believe that they will want to be dressed to the nines.

8. Organizing Transportation

A groom and bride dressed in vintage clothes with an antique car behind them.

Whether it’s your own getaway vehicle or organizing the logistics of getting everyone from the ceremony to the reception, it’s safe to say that this is another task your fiancé won’t say no to.

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