9 Things Brides Wish They Could Change About Their Wedding

A bride and groom kissing.

So much planning goes into each and every wedding, and they always end up being amazing and memorable days for the couple tying the knot. It goes without saying that many brides pour their heart and soul into planning the perfect day, and no detail goes without thought. There are definitely things that some brides have noted, however, as something they’d change about their own wedding day if they could. If you’re in the depths of wedding planning, here’s what some brides commonly wish they’d done differently, so you can learn from their mistakes!

1. Not Hiring a Videographer

While videographers cost extra money on top of a photographer, many brides end up wishing they’d hired one to capture every precious moment of their big day. A wedding video, no matter how long or short, allows you a different perspective on your day after it passes, which you’ll always be grateful for!

2. Not Doing a First Look

A bride and groom in a hotel room having their first look.

A lot of brides who opted not to do a first look wish they’d done one on their big day. First looks allow couples to get more photos together and to have a less rushed schedule after they actually say “I do.” Although first looks go against tradition, they definitely make logistical sense!

3. Not Enjoying the Reception Food

Many brides and grooms are so busy during their wedding that they don’t even taste the food they’re serving their guests. Many brides report that they regret not taking the time to taste the food and have a good meal on their big day. Make sure you carve out some time to eat at your own wedding!

4. Going too Formal

A pair of vintage chairs at a wedding reception under a tree with lights.

While a formal affair may be alluring when you’re wedding planning, you may wish you went for something more casual once the event comes around. Many brides noted this about their black tie affairs—but this completely depends on your preferences and what you envision your big day to look like.

5. Wasting Money on Favors

Wedding favors are cute and enticing when you’re purchasing them, but you’ll soon learn that they end up left on guest tables or eventually thrown away. Brides note that they wish they’d saved that money or put it towards a different aspect of their big day.

6. Missing Cocktail Hour

A bride and groom holding cocktails.

This kind of goes back to the first look regret. Many couples end up missing most, if not all, of their cocktail hour while taking photos, which turns into an eventual regret. Plan your schedule to ensure you can attend the majority of this time to enjoy drinks and apps and to mingle with your guests.

7. Not Practicing Your Bustle

Bustling your wedding dress is usually the job of one of your bridesmaids or someone else close to you. Many brides note that they wish they’d either practiced it more or written down instructions on how to do it. In the moment of getting this done, it can be confusing and stressful, and it’s definitely not something you want to have messed up!

8. Inviting too Many People

A small wedding ceremony on the water.

A lot of brides note that they wish they would have chopped their large guest lists down to fewer people for their big day. Small, intimate weddings sometimes allow couples more freedom to enjoy their big day and interact with those closest to them, so this is definitely something to consider.

9. Not Getting Enough Candid Photos

Of course you want posed wedding photos, but candids end up being some of the best shots from the momentous occasion. Many brides and grooms note that they wish their photographer snapped more candid photos and less posed ones to have as a keepsake from their wedding.

There are endless details to settle for your big day, so this list can help narrow down some of them to ensure you don’t make any mistakes you’ll wish you went a different direction on. But no matter how things turn out, you’ll love your wedding day and all the memories it helps you create with your new spouse.

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