9 Things You Don’t Need to Actually Do for Your Wedding

A menu on a dinner plate at a wedding reception.

Wedding planning can feel overwhelming no matter what part of the process you’re at. With that being said, there are so many tasks that you may think are a necessity, but that you can completely skip. Simplifying the process and taking out these extraneous tasks will make your life easier and allow you to fully customize your wedding to be exactly what you want—nothing more and nothing less.

1. Have a Bridal Shower

It’s a misconception that you have to have a shower leading up to your wedding. If you’re not into the idea or don’t like to be the center of attention, this is something you can simply skip. That also means you can skip out on having a gift registry, too. In fact, many couples are opting not to have a registry at all, so this isn’t out of the norm. Eliminating a shower from your list of wedding events can alleviate a lot of anxiety and stress, so don’t be afraid to do so if that’s the case for you.

2. Give out Wedding Favors

Small plants as wedding favors next to a sign that says

Another thing you can eliminate from your to-do list is having wedding favors. While these are fun, they’re completely unnecessary if you’d rather put the thought and money elsewhere. Favors can take a lot of research, coordination, and effort. Your guests will likely not even notice their absence, so don’t sweat skipping these little gifts.

3. Have Printed Programs and Menus

Printed stationery items for your wedding can get pricey, so feel free to skip extra items like ceremony programs and printed menus for your reception. If you want, you can opt for framed menus on each table or as a sign somewhere in your reception room. Otherwise, guests will not miss these small touches and skipping them will save you quite a bit from your budget.

4. Sit at a Sweetheart Table

If you don’t like the idea of having a sweetheart table for you and your new spouse at your reception, feel free to ditch that idea and sit with whomever you want on the big day. Whether you want to sit with your whole wedding party, your parents, or a mix of people, don’t hesitate to do what you’re more comfortable with.

5. Offer a Full Bar

Champagne in glasses at a wedding.

Another pricey aspect of weddings is the bar tab. It’s nice to have a full bar for guests, but it’s definitely not a necessity. Another great option is to have wine and beer and even one signature drink instead of letting guests order anything off the menu.

6. Have a Guest Book

Guest books are a fun way to collect messages and signatures from loved ones at your event, but they’re also not necessary to have a lovely wedding. If you’re not feeling inspired to put one out, you can skip this aspect of your big day.

7. Collect RSVP Response Cards

Response cards can be tough to track down and are an added expense in your invitation suite. If you’d rather go electronic, opt to have guests use your wedding website to let you know if they’ll be in attendance.

8. Have a Photo Booth

Photo booth props.

Wedding photo booths have become super popular in recent years—but that doesn’t mean they’re necessary at your event. These can be costly, so if it’s not in your budget, don’t spend a second worrying about it’s absence.

9. Incorporate a Unity Ceremony

Unity ceremonies are a fun way to commemorate your love, but it doesn’t mean they’re for everyone. If it’s not your thing, you can opt to leave it out of your ceremony. This special part of your wedding day should be exactly as you and your fiancé desire, so feel free to plan your ceremony with or without any elements that feel most natural to you.

There are so many parts of your wedding that can be changed to meet your tastes, budget, and vision. Don’t feel like you need to do things to meet the status quo, as there is always wiggle room to make your big day exactly what you want it to be!

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