An A-to-Z Rundown on All the Celebration Events To Come Before the Wedding Day

That’s one of the wonderful things about weddings: it’s not just one day you have to look forward to – there are several exciting occasions and special days you’ll get to plan or just attend (ah, perks of being the guest of honor) over the course of your engagement. If you can allow yourself to enjoy every single one of them, and embrace being a bride as much as possible, you might not even have post-wedding blues once the ‘I Dos’ are all done. #BrideOut ✌

You’re probably well aware of the traditional lead up events, such as an engagement party or bridal shower, but what about a couples shower? Or a bridal luncheon? Are those on your radar? If not, then consider this your go-to glossary for all wedding+ parties. Yes, we’re still in the midst of a pandemic, so celebrating in person won’t always be possible – but that’s okay, a lot of these events can be optimized as virtual experiences (and, actually, they might even be better that way). 

Given that the majority of you reading this were once fans of in-book magazine quizzes (and/or know your way around a Buzzfeed quiz REAL well), we thought it’d be fun to do one of our own. Circle the celebration or set of circumstances that you believe go along with the following special event explanations. We’ve included some Style Me Pretty Shop swag that best matches the vibe, too, so you’ll have some hints along the way.

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