Are Winter Weddings Cheaper?

A bride and groom in front of a rustic barn.

Winter weddings are typically considered to be cheaper by many in the wedding industry since winter is, well, cold and most people dream of having a warm spring or summer wedding. There are also other factors like inclement weather (snow storms anyone?) that could explain why a winter wedding might be more affordable than a summer or fall wedding. But are winter weddings always cheaper? It definitely depends on a few factors. Here’s what to know.

Venues are often cheaper

Because there’s lower demand during the winter, venues tend to be cheaper than in their typical high season of summer and fall. However, there are a few things to consider when it comes to venues in the winter, including accessibility (will snow make it possible to get to?) and heating, plus all the other things you would want a venue to have.

You might get a wedding dress on sale

A bride wearing a long sleeved dress with crystals.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales might be the perfect way to get that beautiful gown and fabulous suit you’ve been eyeing for a great price. However, unlike a warm wedding, you will probably need an extra layer or two like a coat or a cape, which might be an additional cost for the bride and bridesmaids.

Wedding insurance can be higher

Think twice before skimping on wedding insurance during the winter. Why? Because chances are you might need it. A bad snow or rainstorm can definitely throw a monkey wrench into your plans, including stranding wedding guests and affecting the venue, like staff being unable to work—which is why you definitely will want wedding insurance to help cover it.

You might get a better rate for a photographer

A photographer taking a photo of a bride against a brick wall.

The winter is usually a slow time of year for photographers. Take advantage of this and see if you can negotiate for a lower price. You might offer them free transportation or another incentive so they’re willing to cut their rate. By the same token, photographers might charge you more money during the winter. Keep in mind that lighting and weather could affect the quality of photos, not to mention the photographer will have to brave the elements with you outdoors, so they may require extra equipment and therefore extra costs.

You could get a deal on the catering

Catering and food usually make up a huge part of your wedding budget. But you might be able to negotiate for a better rate during the winter since caterers are usually not in high demand then, and might do your wedding for a fraction of the cost they would during the summer. Don’t be afraid to speak up for a better deal; you won’t know unless you ask!

Flowers can be more expensive

A bride wearing a lace dress and holding a white and green bouquet.

If you’re willing to buy flowers that are in-season during the winter, then you can definitely save money on florals for your big day. But you will spend more money if you’ve got your heart set on flowers that are out-of-season since florists typically put a premium on flowers that need to be shipped in from other locations during the winter.

A cheaper honeymoon might be in the cards for you

Booking a trip during the winter is usually more cost-friendly with many airlines and resorts offering sales to entice people to travel. This is a great way to save on your wedding budget. The world is your oyster, really—you could opt for a sunny destination or if you really enjoy the cold, you might want to consider hitting the slopes and really making the most out of your winter wedding theme.

A winter wedding can be a romantic and magical option for those couples who don’t mind a little cold weather. While there are definitely deals to be had for a winter wedding, there might also be some extra fees incurred due to the time of year. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want and lean into the spirit of the season—this way you’ll save money and have a lot more fun!

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