Big Ideas for Micro Weddings

A wedding ceremony arch made of flowers in front of a waterfall in a tropical location.

Micro weddings have taken the industry by storm thanks to a few factors. Most notably, many couples are opting for more intimate affairs due to COVID-19 and the hesitancy to be in large groups. Additionally, however, more and more couples are realizing that they’d rather spend more time at their event with the people who mean the most to them, rather than a larger group. Whatever your reasoning may be when planning a micro wedding, there are so many things you can do to make your small affair have a huge impact. We’re diving into some of those ideas below.

Create Customized Guest Gift Bags

One way to make your micro wedding truly special is to provide each guest with completely customized gift bags or baskets to welcome them to the event. These can be in lieu of favors and can really make an impact on your loved ones. Include handwritten cards for each guest, their favorite snacks, photos of you together, and whatever you think will make it memorable. You can also include fun mementos from the location of your wedding, such as something that’s local to the city or state.

If you are looking to give each guest a personalized message but don’t want to put it in a gift bag or basket, another option is to leave a personalized note on each place setting at your reception. This is a special memento of your event that your guests will appreciate more than they would any favor.

Book an Amazing Venue

A wedding reception in Hawaii.

A great thing about micro weddings is that the intimacy of the event allows you to choose truly any location. For instance, rent a villa overlooking the sprawling water in the Virgin Islands where your guests will be welcomed with rum punch and dance the night away by the pool. You could also go for a European wedding at a Tuscan villa where guests will be wowed by wine and views for the entirety of the trip. The world is truly your oyster when it comes to choosing the destination of your micro wedding, which can take a small event and make it into a fun vacation for you and your guests.

Micro weddings are also a great opportunity to choose a less conventional wedding venue than you might with a larger guest list. For instance, rent out a theater, a quaint café, or your favorite antique shop and turn the space into your dream venue.

Host a Holiday Weekend Event

If you’re keeping your event to mostly family, you may want to consider having your wedding over a holiday weekend. For instance, host your micro wedding the weekend of Thanksgiving to make it convenient for all! Since you’ll likely be celebrating Thanksgiving with your whole family on Thursday anyway, extend the celebrations and get married on Friday or Saturday. This allows you all to spend the entire weekend together for multiple celebrations in one. What could be better than that?

Serve Gourmet Cuisine

A table at a wedding reception with gourmet food.

Another way to bring your micro wedding to the next level is to have truly gourmet cuisine at the reception. At many weddings, it’s hard to serve mind-blowing food because it can be tough for kitchens to produce world class meals in mass quantities at do-able prices. However, when you have a small guest list, you can (perhaps) splurge on what you serve your guests. This allows you to handpick a chef and curate a menu that exactly meets your tastes, providing your guests with a dining experience they likely haven’t had at a wedding before.

There are so many ways to bring your micro wedding to the next level and the great thing about these intimate affairs is that you have complete freedom to shape it into whatever you want it to be. Use these ideas as a jumping off point in planning your own perfect day!

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