Creative Ways to Save on Your Wedding Wardrobe

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Between finding outfits for your engagement party or photo shoot, wedding shower, bachelorette party, and rehearsal dinner, your wallet could feel pretty slim! Plus, that still leaves you needing to find an actual wedding dress and day-of accessories. With that being said, it’s not cheap to dress for your wedding festivities, but obviously you want to look your best for all of these special events. Thankfully, there are ways to save on your wedding wardrobe without skimping on style. Here are seven ideas to get great bridal outfits while leaving room in your budget for other things.

Enlist the Help of Social Media

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A great way to save some money on wedding wardrobe staples is to enlist the help of social media. Find a Facebook group either in your neighborhood or city for people getting married. Many times, you can find others looking to sell clothes they wore for their wedding that you may be interested in purchasing for your own festivities. This is a great way to get items for a steal that have likely only been worn once or twice.

Swap With a Friend

One easy way to save money on your wedding wardrobe is to swap pieces with a friend. This can be someone who simply has a great closet or who recently got married and has white “bridal” (or whatever theme you want!) outfits you found yourself admiring. At the least, if your friend has the same shoe size as you or great taste in accessories, you can ask to borrow a few of these pieces. Remember that every penny counts!

Shop Your Own Closet

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When you’re getting married and celebrating your upcoming wedding, it may feel like there’s a lot of pressure to buy things that are brand new. However, you likely have forgotten items in your closet that may be perfect to wear to some of these events! Before you browse online or in-store, check out what you already have in your closet that you may be able to wear. It may get you some use out of items you already own and save money at the same time.

Invest in Great Staple Pieces

If you are buying new items, opt for some solid staple pieces that can be accessorized differently to get different looks. This helps you to buy just a couple things that can be worn in different ways instead of a wide array of outfits, which can get expensive. For example, a sleek white jumpsuit can be worn several times with different shoes or hair accessories. Doing this will make the outfit look completely different from one event to the next!

Go Vintage

A bride and groom wearing vintage clothing.

You may be able to build a beautiful wedding wardrobe on a budget by shopping for vintage items instead of going with brand new clothing. Not only is this more friendly for your wallet, but it’s also a great way to do something good for the planet! Vintage clothing is especially great if you’re dressing for any kind of a theme—maybe for a night of your bachelorette party! Find vintage clothing on sites like Etsy or at local vintage shops or shows in your area. If you find multiple items from one shop that you like, ask if the owner will grant a discount for purchasing several garments. It’s always worth asking!

Visit Thrift Stores

Similar to looking for vintage pieces, check out thrift and consignment shops in your area to find items to wear at a fraction of the price. Half the fun of this experience is the search; you never know just what you’ll find as you scour these shops!

Rent Your Outfits

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Another budget-friendly option is to rent outfits for wedding-related events from platforms like Rent the Runway. This allows you to wear a more “high ticket” item for a fraction of what it would cost to buy it. Plus, this keeps you from clogging up your closet with items you’ll only wear a few times.

There are so many ways to avoid spending a ton on your wedding wardrobe. Take advantage of these ideas to save some cash while still looking and feeling great.

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