Date Night Ideas During the Holidays

A man and woman kissing outside in a festive holiday setting.

With the holiday season coming up, most of us are thinking about our families. While that is definitely an important aspect of our lives, one should never neglect their significant other. The holidays provide a rare opportunity to bond with one another—partially due to the festive atmosphere and (hopefully) due to the extra time off from work. This is why date nights during the holidays are a crucial (and fun!) part to keeping the romantic spark alive.

Whether we’re talking about Christmas, New Year’s Eve, or Thanksgiving, celebrating key occasions together will benefit your relationship in the long run. But for this piece, let’s focus on the upcoming family-oriented holidays since they tend to require a bit of a personal life balance.

One of the best ways to keep up with both your family and romantic relationship responsibilities is to schedule some time off for a date night during the holidays. You can easily balance it out. For example, you might want to take Christmas Eve off for yourselves and save Christmas Day to mingle with the rest of your relatives. So, if you’re looking for date night ideas that easily mix in with even the busiest schedule, check out these suggestions below.

Take Advantage of the Seasonal Fun

It may sound cheesy and unoriginal, but a date night dedicated to the seasonal occasion can be a quite cute idea. For example, go see the Nutcracker ballet, makes s’mores over a fire, join a caroling group, or walk (or drive) through a neighborhood of Christmas lights.

For more adult-related fun, consider a drinking game—bonus points if it’s holiday-themed. Or, go back to basics with a classic game night and if you feel like it, go ahead and invite a group of friends to join you. And if you’re a kid at heart, do something very classic such as having a snowball fight, or tame the two personalities with an escape to a ski resort.

Enjoy Festive Food

A couple hugging in the kitchen next to a Christmas tree.

With many family holidays, you might find yourself in a situation where you have to bring a little something to the table—literally! Whether you need to prep a dish for a potluck or simply gift a wine bottle to the host(ess), you can make a charming date out of it. You can, for example, cook the dish together the night before or go for a wine tasting to decide on the best bottle to present upon your arrival.

Seek Spirituality

If you’re religious or just admire spiritual settings, why not attend a church service together? You might be surprised, but even if you’re a non-believer, a proper church service has a bit of a magical atmosphere that’s different than any other commercial moment you’ll find at this time of year.

Volunteer Together

Volunteering can be a surprisingly intimate date idea, especially if you choose a cause that both you and your significant other are passionate about. It doesn’t have to take the whole day, either—you can volunteer at a soup kitchen or beach clean-up for a couple of hours and then leave the rest of the day up to yourselves.

Make Gift Wrapping a Moment

A couple wrapping Christmas gifts together.

This may make sense more for Christmas, but it can apply to any holiday where gifts are a must. For this scenario, make the gift shopping or the gift wrapping evening a romantic date night—with champagne and all the works! (If you want, you can also do something similar, but with decorating your home.) To set the mood, imbibe the festive spirit with seasonal cocktails such as spiked eggnog, mulled wine, or a Baileys or whiskey-based hot chocolate.

Look for an Occasion to Dress Up

Take advantage of this special time of year by looking for events that allow you to dress up in your finest. Think charity galas or other social happenings that require cocktail or formal attire. Sure, the tickets may cost a pretty penny but they’re often for a good cause and the experience is well worth the money. This is a fun alternative to cozy date nights at home where you’re probably in sweaters.

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