The destiny brought Celine and Bradley together after their first met in 2017. They were engaged after 6 months after their first date and got married in January of 2019 in Pomona, ETTÄ. The gorgeous pictures in the wedding shows how strong Celine and Bradley’s relationship is. Celine looks stunning in her trumpet-mermaid wedding dress LD3859. Congratulations to Celine and Bradley and best wishes for a happy life together. Hääpuvun tyyli: #LD3859 Photo Credit: Selene Adams; Hääpuvun tyyli: #LD3859 Q: Kaikki neuvot tai vinkit tulevalle rouvalle.? Try and remain calm and enjoy it! It’s so easy to stress about the small stuff. On the day of, you aren’t even thinking about all the things you worried about. Q: Mikä oli inspiraationne hääteemanne takana?: We love the winter, and our wedding took place in January. So we wanted a cozy vibe to our wedding. Q: Kerro meille rakkautesi! Missä & Miten hän ehdotti? It took a while for Brad and Celine to find each other. They first met on eHarmony, but lost touch for a few months. Then, Celine sent Brad a message and they talked and talked. They finally had their […]

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