Groom Do’s and Don’ts

A bride and groom at their first look.

Being a groom is a special experience for any man, but it can also be a confusing one! If you’ve never gone through it before, you may find yourself questioning if you’re doing everything right and what your responsibilities are on the big day. We have a list of not only everything you should do as a groom, but of things you shouldn’t do, too! This is sure to help you understand everything that’s expected of you on your wedding day.

Do: Put Someone in Charge of Logistics

It’s easy to think that you’ll have the time to coordinate logistical things on the day of the wedding. However, it’s going to be a hectic day and you’ll want to soak in every moment with your new spouse. For that reason, make sure you enlist in the help of a groomsman or best man to take care of some details. This could be things like distributing vendor tips, getting a copy of the marriage license, or anything else that is important, but can be easily handed off to someone else.

Don’t: Have Your Bachelor Party the Night Before the Wedding

A group of men golfing at a bachelor party.

Although in movies and TV shows they sometimes do this, it’s not advisable to have your bachelor party the night before you get married. You want to wake up fresh and energized on your big day, and enjoying a huge party the night before is definitely not the way to make that happen. Have your bachelor party at least a few weeks before your wedding so that you have enough time to recuperate before your big day.

Do: Voice Your Opinions Throughout the Planning Process

So many grooms assume that their opinion falls second to the bride’s when planning a wedding. Remember that it’s your big day, too! You should let your future spouse know what’s important to you for your wedding throughout the planning process and ensure that the two of you are on the same page for big decisions. This will make the day feel more like it belongs to you, too, and it will be fun to partner with your fiancée on planning this momentous occasion.

Don’t: Stress out Your Bride

A bride and groom sitting on a fountain and laughing.

It’s likely that the bride will already be a bit stressed on her wedding day, and you don’t want to add to that in any way. Remember that she has a lot on her plate and meet her halfway on things you disagree on throughout the planning process.

Do: Give Your Bride a Keepsake Gift

Gifting your bride something sentimental either the night before the wedding or on the day of is a special way to make her feel loved before you embark on this new part of your relationship. Even if you just write her a nice card, this is surely something she’ll treasure forever!

Don’t: Drink too Much

Groomsmen enjoying a cocktail before the ceremony.

It can be tempting to indulge in a few drinks on the big day, especially as this may help calm any nerves you have about saying “I do” in front of a crowd. But be careful not to over-drink, especially before the ceremony even occurs. You want to be sharp for this special moment of your life!

Do: Write Your Vows

Writing your vows is a beautiful way to express your love during the wedding ceremony. Make sure that you write your vows in advance so you can put careful thought into what you want to say.

Don’t: Forget to Delegate

A best man helping a groom with his tie.

Your best man and groomsmen are there for a reason! Make sure that you delegate tasks to them appropriately throughout the planning process and on the day of. Ask them to coordinate things like transportation or to help greet guests on the big day. They are there to help, so make sure you take advantage of that!

Being a groom is more work than you’d think, but it’s such a special time in your life that you won’t mind it at all! Follow this list to exemplify model behavior as you get ready to tie the knot.

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