How to Become #ThatGirl Before Your Wedding

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One of the most viral trends across TikTok and social media is #thatgirl. If it hasn’t shown up on your feed yet, we guarantee you’ll see it sooner or later. “That Girl” is essentially a “glow-up” trend, much like its predecessors #girlboss and #hotgirl summer. It’s all about creating and documenting becoming the best version of yourself. In searching for the hashtag, you might see a time lapse-like video of a typical day in That Girl’s life.

While some argue the trend is toxic, as it appears to set an unrealistic standard for women, this is far from the truth. The trend is not meant to be perceived as degrading. Rather, it should be motivating! After all, there is no set standard for a perfect life; each person makes their own definition. That Girl can serve as inspiration and motivation for you to transform yourself for the better before your wedding day. Let’s be honest—we all want to look and feel our best on the big day.

Who Is “That Girl”?

That Girl is a living example of mental and physical wellness. She is a successful, productive, good-looking woman that has her life together. She wakes up early, eats well, gets plenty of exercise, practices self-care, doesn’t neglect sleep, and is successful in her studies or career. That Girl is confident, fabulous, fit, organized, energetic, and inspiring. She is exactly who we all want to be.

How to Be “That Girl”

You’ve likely run into people who make you ask, “How do they do it?” But have you considered becoming that person yourself? Guess what—you can! The main misconception is that it’s all about being perfect all the time. This is why we have to remind ourselves that social media is, well, fake. It’s not realistic to become perfect overnight, but it is realistic to start introducing small changes that will improve yourself day by day.

To start, write down how you would define “That Girl”—specifically, write down your version of YOUR perfect self, and prioritize what changes you want to see first. Copy other influencers or celebrities to get started if you must. Then, take small steps by introducing one or two improvements at a time. And remember, you don’t need to change every aspect of yourself. Instead, focus on fostering good habits and improving your wellbeing. The rest will soon follow and before you know it, you’ll shine long after your wedding day.

Need inspiration about where to get started? Here are some ideas that’ll help you become That Girl before you walk down the aisle.

Get a Makeover

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One of the easiest ways to hit the reset button and begin your journey is to freshen up your look. Hit the hair and nail salon, find a signature scent, and come up with an easy makeup routine you can maintain day-to-day. If you look good, you’ll feel good. You don’t need to be dressed to the nines every day, but putting some effort into yourself when you wake up in the morning will boost your mental energy to be your best.

Be Confident and Kind

Fake it till you make it if you must. Being confident, well-mannered, and kind-hearted will not only improve how others see you, but how you see yourself. Brush up on your etiquette, give genuine compliments when appropriate, and be nice even in the face of rudeness (you’ll be surprised how well this works and makes you look like the better person).

Enjoy the Little Things

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That Girl always seems happy and satisfied with her life. Undoubtedly, this is likely far from the truth as we all have our down days. However, there are ways to mentally program yourself to see things in a more positive light. For starters, take the time to really enjoy the little daily pleasures, such as sipping that morning latte, or having a glass of wine after a long day. Get a journal and write down what you’re grateful for every day. And make it a habit of saying affirmations when you wake up or before you go to bed.

Stay Organized

That Girl creates a schedule and sticks to it. That’s why she is always on top of things. Try to wake up and go to bed at the same time every day. Get up early—you’ll be surprised how dramatically this will improve your productivity. Make use of the calendar and reminder apps on your phone (and perhaps get a physical planner) to organize your day and your to-dos better. Don’t procrastinate. Oh, and don’t forget to set aside some time for wedding planning!

Improve Your Diet

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Eating well has many mental and physical benefits. It’ll not only help you lose weight, but will help you feel more fresh and energetic while also improving your mood—a bonus during stressful wedding planning. A healthy diet can be hard to stick to, so it helps to plan your meals in advance. If you’re short on time, it can also be beneficial to meal prep. Alternatively, consider a meal delivery service (we don’t mean take-out). Sweets or junk food, obviously, should not be a large part of your meal plan. Lastly, make sure to stay hydrated by drinking water regularly while avoiding alcohol and soda.

Stay Active

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In addition to eating better, incorporating exercise into your daily routine is a must. Again, the benefits are endless, from weight loss to just having more energy. There’s no need to spend hours at the gym, but make an effort to go to a yoga or Zumba class, or just step outside for a walk.

Clean Up

In addition to organizing your time, organize your home. A clean space free of clutter translates into a clutter-free mind. There’s a reason why Marie Kondo now has a name in fame.

Commit to Skincare

A woman looking into a mirror and applying skincare.

Skincare is an essential aspect of That Girl’s daily routine. It’s not just about looks—it’s a commitment to self-care. Some would even say it’s therapeutic!

Prioritize Yourself

Being nice doesn’t mean you have to be a pushover. You should always prioritize your well-being but do so without being narcissistic. You shouldn’t allow people to mistreat you and you should distance yourself from toxic people in your life. Don’t get involved in or dwell on drama—it’s not worth it. And while advice from others can be useful, at the end of the day, it’s up to you to make your own decisions.

Work Your Brain

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Set aside some time to read a book, listen to an insightful podcast, learn a new language, or pick up a new hobby. A mental workout is just as important as a physical one.

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