How to Create a Perfect Dating Profile

Someone holding a phone and looking at an online dating app.

Creating your dating profile may seem like an intimidating task with a lot of pressure associated with it. After all, this serves as your first impression on dating apps, which is a huge gateway into the world of finding a partner. But have no fear! There are definitely ways you can build a pristine dating profile that will attract the type of partner you desire while allowing you to stay true to yourself. Learn more about exactly how to do this below.

Choose the Right Photos

Picking the right photos for your dating profile is really important. While no one should judge a book by its cover (or, a potential partner merely on his or her photo) it’s still the first thing that a potential date sees when they look at your profile! With that being said, you want the right pictures. The first way to do this is to ensure variety in your photos. Aim to include five to seven pictures and make sure this includes shots where your face is clearly visible and you’re not wearing sunglasses. You want people to see what you actually look like! Also make sure that you’re using somewhat recent photos that aren’t outdated.

You also want to use photos that show what you’re like as a person and what your interests are. For instance, include a photo of you with your pet if that’s something you’re passionate about or a photo of you hiking if that’s a favorite hobby. This is a great way to demonstrate things that you love without having to write it down. Posting natural photos like these rather than somewhat forced selfies is a good way to stack your profile for success.

Another important dating profile photo tip is to keep the focus on you rather than having photos with many different people in them. That can be confusing, causing potential partners to wonder which person they’re even supposed to be looking at!

Have a Friend Help Out

Two female friends looking at a phone together to create a dating profile.

Your friends will probably know how to brag about you better than you can! Have them help write at least a first draft of your personal summary so that you can see all the good they see in you and how it can translate over to your dating profile. Even if you end up rewriting some of it, this can provide a great jumping off point!

Keep it Positive

Your dating profile is somewhat like your resume or cover letter for dating. For that reason, you want to keep things upbeat and positive! After all, who would want to hire a job applicant who seemed negative and like a huge downer? It’s the same thing with dating! People will be more drawn to someone who has a positive profile. Everyone wants to be with a partner who will make them smile!

Be Cheeky

It’s totally OK to be a bit cheeky and humorous on your dating profile. Show your fun side and let your personality shine through on your bio so that people can get a feel for your sense of humor. This will also help your dating profile to stick out in people’s minds.

Don’t Go Overboard

A young woman sitting on the floor and looking at her phone as she makes her online dating profile.

Remember that these days, most people have short attention spans. Plus, you don’t have a lot of room to write a novel in your dating profile on most platforms. Keep your personal summary short and sweet and only include important information that you want to convey to potential partners. Don’t fill your profile with fluff—it will cause viewers to stop reading and you won’t get your most important information across effectively.

Update Your Profile Regularly

As time goes on, you’ll figure out more and more about yourself and what you’re looking for in a potential partner. For that reason, you should constantly be updating your profile and keeping it fresh and a true reflection of yourself. Whether this means updating your pictures or your summary, keep things current for the best results.

Be Genuine

Most importantly, when it comes to creating your dating profile, you want to be genuine and true to your real self. You want your profile to attract the kind of partner you’ll ultimately want to stay with, and if they don’t like you for who you really are, that’s not likely to happen. Finding your perfect match starts with having a genuine profile where you’re never trying to be someone you’re not. The right person will love you for who you are, not who you pretend to be on your dating profile!

If you make the creation of your dating profile something fun rather than a chore, you’re sure to attract dates that you’ll enjoy getting to know and be well on your way to meeting the love of your life.

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