How to Get Through a Dating Plateau

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Dating can be a lot of things. From an alluring adventure to a daunting disappointment, navigating the modern dating waters can be confusing and exhilarating all at the same time! When you’re searching for your perfect life partner, one thing that can be frustrating is hitting a dating plateau. If this is your current situation, don’t worry! It’s totally normal, and there are ways to move past this stage of your dating journey and onto happier times.

Take a Break

Dating can be fun, but it can also be exhausting. It’s not easy to find someone who fits perfectly with you, and it can take a lot of unsuccessful dates to find “the one.” It’s normal to feel burnt out on playing the field, so it can be helpful in moments like those to take a break from dating altogether. The break can be as long or as short as you wish, but doing so can help you press the “reset” button and come back refreshed and reinvigorated for the process. Enjoy time off from dating to spend more time with your friends and family, focus on personal goals, take some time for self-care, and just put the prospect of finding a boyfriend or girlfriend out of your mind completely.

Focus on Yourself

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Dating can put a lot of focus and emphasis on others. While you search for your soul mate, you’re likely putting a lot of thought into the people you’re dating. If you’ve reached a plateau in the process, start focusing on yourself instead. Redefine what you want out of dating. Analyze what about the process makes you happy and what you want to change. Then, put these discoveries into action! Make sure you’re only dating people who can help you meet these personal goals and make the process as enjoyable as possible.

Change Your Methods

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These days, there are so many ways to meet people! Thanks to technology, you can use dating apps to meet people in your area with just a few taps. If you’re facing a dating plateau, consider changing up the methods of how you’re meeting people. For instance, use a different dating app, revamp your dating profile, or ask a friend to set you up with someone. Maybe you’re even being too critical when selecting people on your apps. Mix it up by allowing a trusted friend to control your app for a few days to choose your dates. They may just choose someone you wouldn’t have that you’ll be surprised by. These simple changes can make a big difference!

Get out of Your Comfort Zone

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Another great way to ease the stress of a dating plateau is to force yourself out of your comfort zone. Perhaps this means swiping right on matches you usually would ignore. Or, it could mean switching up the types of dates you go on. Instead of meeting a prospective partner for a drink or dinner, mix it up with a walk, a picnic in the park, or a night at the bowling alley. These small alterations to your dating habits can jostle you out of a plateau.

Take the Pressure Off

Many people find themselves putting a lot of pressure on the dating process. While the ultimate goal may be to find a life partner, it doesn’t mean that’s the only thing you should focus on while dating. If you’re facing a dating plateau, shift your focus to enjoying the journey rather than focusing solely on the idea of getting to your final destination. Set your expectations to having fun or meeting someone cool in the process instead of needing to meet someone to marry ASAP. When dating is all about checking off boxes on your to-do list, the fun can easily be lost.

Dating plateaus can be discouraging, but using these tips to escape a lull in the process can make dating fun again!

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