How to Honeymoon in Hawaii

A couple driving in Hawaii with a surfboard in the car.

Hawaii is always growing in popularity as a honeymoon spot—and for good reason! With beautiful scenery, a rich culture, famous beaches, and activities that appeal to all hobbies and interests, it’s hard to beat this tropical oasis. If you’re planning a Hawaiian honeymoon, we’re here with some tips on how you can make it an unforgettable vacation as you commemorate a momentous occasion in your life.

Research the Different Islands

Hawaii is made up of different islands that each have their own unique characteristics and appeal. As you plan your trip, you’ll want to gain an understanding of what each island has to offer and which of them appeal to your interests most. It’s also useful to examine the weather on each island at different times of year, as the rainy seasons can vary from one island to the next. You can choose to either go to one of the islands, or hop between several. Luckily, travel between them is quite easy, which facilitates simple island hopping. This is completely up to your preference, but being able to have vastly different experiences from island to island is a unique opportunity as you visit this special state.

Decide on Lodging

An aerial view of a beachfront hotel property in Hawaii.

Hawaii is also versatile on the different types of lodging the island has to offer. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious resort vacation or to rent a condo or house, every option will be at your fingertips. You can stay at places with amazing waterfront views, properties that are immersed in lush vegetation, or places that are off the beaten path and have an eco-friendly focus. It’s really up to you for where you stay, so be sure to check out all the versatile options that exist!

Plan Excursions

A couple kissing in front of a waterfall in Hawaii.

There are so many different excursions to consider in the beautiful state of Hawaii! From helicopter tours and boat trips to brewery visits, there’s no shortage of things to do on your honeymoon. Examine all of your options based on your interests and decide which excursions are best suited for you. Whether you love a more low-key and relaxing vacation or are a thrill-seeker, there’s an excursion that will suit you well and enhance your trip. Make sure to book them ahead of time to get a spot!

Make Dining Reservations

A beachfront restaurant in Hawaii.

Since Hawaii has been such a popular travel spot lately, it’s been a busy place to be. Make sure to make dining reservations ahead of time so that you will be able to eat at the restaurants of your choice throughout your trip. Failing to do so could mean long wait times and frustration on what should be your absolute dream vacation.

Immerse Yourself in the Culture

The Hawaiian culture is rich and interesting. Immerse yourself in it fully on your visit! Attend luaus, learn about local agriculture at a coffee plantation or by visiting a farm, and visit historical sites. These activities can give you a well-rounded view of the culture of Hawaii, which will inspire a newfound appreciation for this destination.

Combat Jet Lag

For many visitors, Hawaii is a long way from home. That means a significant time change once arriving on the island. To make the most of your trip, be prepared to combat jet lag so that it won’t slow you down. Stay well hydrated, rest up prior to your trip, and try to stay on the sleep schedule of the time zone you’re traveling to as soon as you arrive. This will help you prevent exhaustion and wasted time snoozing when you should be enjoying your vacation to the fullest.

Your Hawaiian honeymoon awaits—and it’s filled with many amazing activities and experiences that you’ll remember for a lifetime. Use this guide as a jumping off point for your unforgettable honeymoon!

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