How to Make the Most of a Small Space Reception

A square table at a small wedding reception decorated with pink florals and wood pieces.

If you’re worried that your wedding reception venue is too small—don’t! There are many ways to make the most of a small area to ensure that your party feels expansive and to make sure that everyone has the space they need to truly enjoy every minute of your big day.

Don’t Overcrowd it with Decor

Adding a lot of different decoration pieces can make a small space feel crowded. Keep things minimal and simple. Don’t hang any art or flowers from the ceiling and if you’re hanging things on the walls, go with one or two dramatic pieces over multiple smaller ones.

Move the Bar Outside

A tray of filled wine glasses at a wedding reception.

If possible, see if the bar for your event can be set up right outside the reception room. All the space this will save can be put to good use for the dance floor and guest tables.

Avoid Oversized Furniture

A lot of couples love using furniture pieces like couches or big armchairs during their reception. However, this is not the best choice for a small space because of the square footage they take up. Opt not to include these in order to make the most out of the square footage of your venue.

Consider Different Table Shapes

You may need to play around with different table shapes to see what works best in your reception area. Round tables and rectangular tables are very different and you may find that one makes better use of the floor than the other. Or, you may find that a combination of the two is the winning ticket to maximizing the space.

Use Translucent Materials

Ghost chairs at a wedding reception with blue tablecloths.

Translucent materials, such as glass votives and vases, help guests to see as much of the room as possible, making it seem larger. You can even use translucent chairs to aid in this. Known as “ghost chairs,” these are popular and aesthetically pleasing, making them a wonderful choice all around.

Use Bistro Tables

If you decide to have passed trays for food rather than a traditional sit-down meal, you can make use of bistro tables instead of having traditional tables at your reception. This can certainly save space!

Decorate with Mirrors

Hang a few mirrors strategically in order to make your reception space seem bigger than it is. These will reflect light, look nice, and do a great job opening up the space.

Use Short Centerpieces

A table set at a wedding reception with pink florals and vintage tableware.

Short centerpieces are less overwhelming in a small space than larger ones. Choose these over tall arrangements to keep things feeling open. This also helps guests to be able to see the entire space of the room better, which also makes it feel bigger. Small arrangements can be just as lush and pretty as tall arrangements, so don’t fret over that. (Plus, they’re usually less expensive, so that’s a good thing, too!)

Hire a DJ

Opting to have a DJ as your musical entertainment instead of a band can save you a ton of space, not to mention money! That makes this a good decision all-around.

Use the Right Colors

Avoid using bright and bold colors in your reception space if you want to make it seem bigger than it is. Neutral colors in light shades and shades of white help to keep things light and airy, preventing the space from feeling overwhelmed with color. The same goes for patterns in your linens and decor—they’re best avoided when trying to make the most out of a space. Instead, go with solid colors.

Consider Folding Tables and Chairs

White folding chairs at a wedding reception table.

Folding tables and chairs can be used during your reception when people are eating. Then, once dinner is over, they can be put away to make more room for the dance floor.

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