How to Make Your Hometown Wedding Feel Like a Destination

A wedding reception with lights.

Getting married in your hometown isn’t that uncommon, but if you’re planning an event where you grew up, you may be worried that it won’t feel special enough for you or your guests. If this is the case for you, know that there are many ways you can make your hometown feel like more of a destination so that you get the best of both worlds out of your big day.

Choose a Unique Venue

A bride and groom walking in a park at their wedding.

The first way to make your hometown feel like a destination for your wedding is to choose a unique venue. While you and many of your guests may have been to many places around town, choosing somewhere slightly unexpected for a wedding can make your day feel like you’re worlds away. For instance, choose a museum or aquarium as your reception space for something unexpected and different. This will give your wedding a whole different feel than if you chose a run-of-the-mill banquet hall.

Go With a Theme

Destination weddings usually have some kind of underlying theme. For instance, a wedding on a Caribbean island usually has beach vibes and tropical tones. Giving your hometown wedding some kind of a theme will make it feel like more of a destination event, without even leaving home! No matter what theme you choose, it’s bound to make a difference in this department as long as you stick to it wholeheartedly. Consider a theme that plays off some of your shared interests with your future spouse, like a bookish theme if you both enjoy reading or a Hollywood movie theme if you’re both movie buffs. This makes your wedding feel like it’s transporting guests to a world away!

Have Multiple Celebrations

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A trademark of destination weddings is that there are usually multiple celebrations for guests to attend. Doing this for a hometown wedding will give it more of an out-of-town feel. Incorporate a welcome party into your wedding weekend or a farewell brunch the day after your wedding. These events can be as casual or as formal as you’d like, but having things like this for your guests is sure to make them feel like the celebration is extra special. You can definitely make these optional for your friends and family and you don’t even have to monetarily pay for them fully. Invite loved ones to come to a bowling night and give each guest a free drink or food ticket or two—but let them pay for their own bowling if they choose to participate. This gives guests the option of getting together an additional time to mingle at a low cost to you.

Include Welcome Bags

Welcome bags are a special touch for guests that many couples include when they’re having a destination wedding. However, tying the knot in your hometown doesn’t have to mean that you can’t give your guests a welcome bag to enjoy. Leave them for your out-of-town guests at the hotel, or hand them out at a welcome party or any pre-wedding event. This will definitely give your event a more out-of-town feel and will make guests feel cared for and special.

Serve Unique Food

A man working at a food truck at a wedding reception.

Transport guests to a different place by simply offering unique food at your reception. You can do this by having a cocktail party with food that follows for a particular cuisine theme or by going all-out with special food at your reception. Or, perhaps you’d rather have specialty desserts from around the world! Whatever you decide, this is sure to be a hit with your guests that makes them feel like they’ve landed somewhere completely different than your hometown.

You don’t need to leave the confines of your hometown to feel like you had a destination wedding. Simply use these ideas to transport yourself and your loved ones to a different place as you celebrate your marriage vows.

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