How to Plan a Micro Wedding

Two brides leaving their wedding ceremony with a small number of guests throwing flower petals at them.

Micro weddings are here to stay! There are a range of reasons why these small celebrations have grown in popularity. And, you can follow a few steps to plan your own micro wedding for an intimate affair that will not be soon forgotten by you or your guests.

What Is a Micro Wedding?

To start off, let’s make sure you’re clear on what a micro wedding is. This is a form of an intimate wedding. They typically consist of 30 people or less and commonly include less than 10. Yup, they’re that small! The nice thing about a micro wedding is that as the couple getting married, you can define what it means to you. It’s a flexible term, and you get to decide just how intimate you want it to be. That’s the beauty of this type of wedding. Many couples make their micro wedding extra special by having it in a unique location or venue, which often can only be done with a small group. It really makes for a cool experience!

So now that you know what this sort of wedding entails, you need to plan it for yourself. The steps below make it a cinch.

Step One: Choose the Location

An aerial view of a bride walking next to empty tables at the reception.

The first step in the process is to choose the wedding location. Since these weddings are so small, many couples opt for a destination event. The world is your oyster when it comes to choosing where to have your micro wedding. You can also choose from many types of venues that you likely wouldn’t be able to use for a more traditional wedding. Decide on your dream location and venue first, and then you can move onto the next steps.

Step Two: Create a Guest List

Now, you need to create your guest list. As mentioned above, these events are typically 30 or fewer people. However, many of them are much smaller. Do what feels right for you!

Step Three: Select Your Vendors

A bride and groom at their micro wedding ceremony.

You’ll still need vendors for your micro wedding, although you may not need all those that a more traditional wedding entails. You’ll definitely need some sort of officiant. You’ll likely want a photographer (and maybe even a videographer). You will also likely want a florist to create at least a bridal bouquet. Other vendors to consider are hair and makeup artists, catering, and perhaps some sort of musician for your ceremony or reception. This all really depends on what you want out of your wedding and what’s important to you. Since micro weddings are each so unique, skipping on any and all vendors is completely fine!

Step Four: Plan the Experience

Many couples make micro weddings into a full experience for their guests. Some choose to make it into a whole weekend! Spend some time planning out the event. It certainly doesn’t have to follow the traditional blueprint of a wedding. You can do anything from a fancy dinner to a beachside picnic for your micro wedding. Choose what feels right to you and the rest will fall into place!

Step Five: Send Invitations

Send your invitations to those you hope will attend. Make sure to give people ample time to plan if there is travel involved. You’ll want to request RSVPs for the event to ensure you have an accurate guest count, even as you would with a larger guest list.

Step Six: Enjoy Your Big Day

A bride and groom kissing at their micro wedding ceremony with guests clapping behind them.

Finally, enjoy your big day when it arrives. Micro weddings are so special because they really allow you to spend the maximum amount of time with those you hold nearest and dearest to you on this momentous occasion. Take in every moment and enjoy the special experience you’ve carefully planned!

Micro weddings are a wonderful innovation in the world of these big events. Make yours your own and it’ll be a day you’ll never forget!

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