How to Play the Wedding Cake Game

A bride and groom standing behind a wedding cake.

There are so many precious moments on a couple’s wedding day. The vows are always tearjerkers. Speeches from loved ones always bring on some waterworks. And then the cake cutting—a representation of the newlywed’s first activity as a couple—is so moving. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t add your twist to the event.

With increasing popularity, couples are looking for ways to add character, charm, and personality to their weddings. While this can mean forgoing certain traditions and making up their own, sometimes it simply means adding a unique twist to a well-loved tradition. If you’re hoping to add something different and memorable to your wedding reception, consider trying the Wedding Cake Game!

The Meaning Behind the Cake-Cutting Tradition

Part of what makes certain traditions so popular is what they symbolize. While coming up with your own traditions or twists on tradition is great, it’s best to fully understand the purpose of the tradition before you change it. This way, you can keep what you like and discard what you don’t. Here are the meanings behind the different parts of the cake-cutting tradition.

Cutting the Cake

Believe it or not, this quaint tradition isn’t just an excuse for photo opportunities. While the pictures certainly look adorable in a wedding album, the cake-cutting represents the first activity the couple does together. While this has become an increasingly complicated process as cakes grew in tiers and couples must manage strategic slicing, it’s still a powerful symbol of unity.

Newlyweds Feeding Cake to Each Other

A bride and groom feeding cake to each other.

We’re all familiar with this part of the tradition. While some couples gently feed each other, others see it as a competition for who can smear more cake on the other’s face. Regardless of the approach, this part of the cake-cutting tradition is meant to symbolize the couple’s commitment to providing for each other.

Saving the Top Tier of Cake

Many newlyweds choose to save the top layer of their wedding cake. This section isn’t shared with the guests or cut on the wedding day. Instead, it’s wrapped and saved for the couple’s first anniversary. This part of the tradition is meant to keep the freshness and romance of the wedding day alive. It serves as a memory of the couple’s special day after a year has passed.

What’s the Wedding Cake Game?

A wedding cake cut up on a platter.

So, what’s a game that can spice this tradition up?

And no, we’re not talking about the game where the guests take bets on who’s going to smash cake in the other’s face first. This Wedding Cake Game represents the couple’s first exercise in defeating the distractions, trials, and challenges that face all married couples at different times throughout their life.

What You Need

  • A newlywed couple
  • Their wedding party (or some enthusiastic guests willing to be noisy)
  • Wedding cake (already cut by the couple, but not eaten yet)
  • Blindfolds
  • Bonus: noisemakers or music

The Purpose of the Game

Add a twist to tradition while testing the newlywed’s ability to overcome distractions, find their spouse, and provide for their spouse. While blindfolded, the newly married couple will need to locate their spouse and feed them their piece of wedding cake…all while their wedding party is yelling distractions and deceptions to get them off track.

How to Play

Begin the game by gathering the newlywed couple and their wedding party (or close friends and willing guests) in front of their guests. Have the DJ announce the purpose of the game: a test of the couple’s ability to persevere through the challenges and distractions of marriage. Explain that the newlywed couple will be blindfolded and that their wedding party will be yelling distractions at them the whole time.

Allow the newlyweds to have a piece of cake in their hands, then blindfold them 10-15 feet away from each other. Place the groomsmen with the groom and the bridesmaids with the bride. Begin the music (consider allowing the wedding party a chance to turn the couple around in a circle to disorient them) and let the game begin!

The couple must find each other, listening hard for their spouse’s voice and following it, while their wedding party tries to distract them. Once the couple finds each other, they feed each other their cake and the game is complete.

Note: For the safety of the couple, make it clear that yelling directly into one’s ear is not allowed. Once the game has started, the wedding party cannot pull or touch the married couple. They can only give false directions or distractions verbally.

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