How to Prevent Wedding Planning Burnout

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Wedding planning burnout is a real thing—but it doesn’t mean you’re not excited to marry the love of your life. It’s just what happens after countless hours and conversations spent pouring over your dream wedding. If you’re thick in the wedding planning process and starting to feel tired, irritable, and uninspired, then you may just need to implement a few strategies to help rejuvenate you and revive the planning process.

What Is Wedding Planning Burnout?

Plenty of brides and grooms experience this type of exhaustion. Wedding planning burnout is a mixture of emotional, mental, and even physical tiredness that comes from the prolonged stress surrounding a wedding. The main difference between normal wedding stress and wedding planning burnout is the intensity of the feeling. If you’ve been noticing that your stress feels never-ending or that you’re feeling apathetic, hopeless, and even empty about the topic of your wedding…you may be suffering from a bit of wedding planning burnout.

Know that you’re not alone. There are brides and grooms all over the country experiencing the same phenomenon as you—especially as people everywhere struggle to plan their big day amidst the ever-changing pandemic. Thankfully, there are some things you can do to help yourself out.

6 Ways to Prevent (or Reduce) Wedding Planning Burnout

1. Pause the Planning

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Yes, you surely have a lot to do in the wedding planning process and likely don’t want to put things on hold. But maybe you can pause it for a day, or even an evening. Consider taking your fiancé out on a date and banning all wedding talk. Enjoy each other, enjoy the moment, and worry about all the planning later. Give yourself a break.

2. Preventative Therapy

It’s perfectly normal to feel a bit exhausted from all the wedding planning, especially if you’ve had to postpone your wedding due to a global crisis. This may be a great time to schedule in some individual or even couple’s premarital counseling sessions. There’s no need to hit rock bottom before you make yourself a priority, get some help, and learn some techniques for managing your stress. Therapy can help you identify the signs of burnout (wedding planning burnout and other life stresses) so you can help yourself avoid the cycle.

3. Do Something Right Now that Makes You Happy

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This may sound a bit sappy, but it can be incredibly helpful if you find yourself in any kind of emotionally low place. Burnout comes easier when we experience seemingly unending feelings of stress. Put a stop to that by intentionally doing something you like. Maybe that’s walking your dog, meditating, listening to music, or going on a night out with your friends. Give yourself some time to enjoy life. The wedding planning will be there when you get back.

4. Change Your Daily Routine

During the wedding planning process, it can be easy for your daily routine to become skewed with wedding-related tasks. Make some deliberate changes to your daily routine to include some activities to relieve your stress and anxieties. Add some breathing exercises to your morning rather than jumping right into the day. Make sure you get at least seven to nine hours of sleep every night. Eat balanced meals. Stay hydrated. Hit your step goal for the day. Drink a glass of tea and read a book at night instead of surfing social media. Little changes like these can make a world of difference in preventing or helping your burnout.

5. Practice Gratitude

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Planning a wedding is always a little hectic. You have to stay on top of emails and calls between vendors, family, and friends. You have to manage a lot of moving parts while trying to put the puzzle pieces of your dream wedding together. Taking some extra time in your day to actively be thankful for all that you have can help reduce the amount of stress you feel. Be thankful for having someone you love enough to marry! Be thankful for family and friends who care about you and your relationship and want to be a part of your day. Be thankful there’s such a thing as vendors to make your wedding day easier.

6. Allow Yourself to Feel Your Emotions

Feeling a lot of stress and burnout from wedding planning isn’t bad, and it doesn’t make you a bad person. Pretending you aren’t feeling burnt out or squashing your feelings can make them worse. If you feel frustrated or sad, you’re allowed to say so and take a little break. If you’re feeling upset or angry, try to identify why rather than acting like it isn’t happening or taking it out on the wrong people. Feel your emotions so you can direct them, and so they don’t direct you.

Wedding burnout is a real thing, so know that you’re not alone if wedding planning has you feeling more frustrated than excited. It doesn’t mean that you won’t have the wedding of your dreams. Keep moving forward and try to enjoy the little things along the way.

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