How to Use Your Own Wedding Hashtag

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The wedding hashtag is a relatively new trend that keeps growing in popularity. If you’re someone who loves to share your experiences on social media, then creating your own wedding hashtag is definitely worth doing. Wedding hashtags are a fun way to connect, collaborate, and share memories with your guests. It’s an easy way to search for photos too, and it’s great way to keep track of all the festivities that might have been missed by the bride and groom. It’s also a fast way to share photos of your wedding with those who couldn’t be there. Curious to get started? Here’s how to use wedding hashtags so that you can share your special day with the ones you love.

How to Create Your Own Wedding Hashtag

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First thing’s first—you want to create a unique wedding hashtag that’s entirely yours and your spouse’s. Keep it creative and playful. This could be a nickname you have, a combination of your first and last names, or anything that speaks to your unique experience. Make sure that it’s not already taken, though! Just do a quick search to see what’s already been used that’s related to your idea.

If you find it’s been done before (and chances are it will be), you might have to change it up with a few numbers and/or capitalized letters, or maybe even a pun or romantic phrase—no biggie! Make a list of your favorite ones and either decide on it with your spouse-to-be, or put it to a vote with your nearest and dearest. As long as it’s memorable and personal and totally yours (and easy to remember), you’re good to go!

Consider Hiring a Wedding Hashtag Creator

Not everyone’s crafty with words, so that’s why you can hire a wedding hashtag creator (yes, there is such a thing) who will do all the above for you and will come up with the perfect hashtag of your dreams. If that sounds a little too much, but you still would like some help, you can also use a wedding hashtag generator online for free.

Share the Hashtag with Your Guests

Next, you need to share the hashtag with your guests. It’s a good idea to inform your guests of your wedding hashtag before the wedding, so they can remember it and start posting anything that’s related to your big day with the hashtag. Share it on your wedding invitations and/or save the date cards, tell it to your wedding party, and put it big and bold on your wedding website.

Start Using Your Wedding Hashtag Right Away

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Another tip: start using the wedding hashtag yourself, pre-celebration! Whether it’s during your engagement party, bachelorette party, shower, or even your engagement photos, make sure every marriage-related post and photo has your wedding hashtag.

Place the Hashtag on Decor Throughout Your Wedding

If guests forgot your wedding hashtag on the big day (it happens!), then make sure they remember it by placing it throughout your wedding. Cute cocktail napkins, chalkboards, or a photo display are all prime locations for putting it out there for guests to see. Make sure to strategically place the wedding hashtag around the most memorable parts of your wedding, including the wedding cake, the photo booth, near the gifts table, and anywhere else that holds special meaning to you. That way, your guests are more likely to snap photos of the things you most want to share online.

Display it on a Live Feed

Now this is for the tech-savvy, but it definitely works! Hook up a live feed of various social media platforms, like Instagram, where your guests can see in real-time the photos being shared using your wedding hashtag. This way, your guests can’t forget your hashtag and they’ll definitely want to be a part of the action, knowing their photos and memories will be on the screen for everyone to see. A social aggregator tool like Taggbox can help.

Do you have a favorite wedding hashtag that has been used before? What have been your experiences with them? Inspiration from what’s worked before is always a good idea to take from too.

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