How to Wedding Plan with Anxiety

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When you suffer with anxiety, the idea of planning a wedding may be an incredibly daunting task. With so many decisions to make, people to please, and the financial strain of the event, it may make you feel like you’re slowly plunging underwater. However, you don’t have to let your anxiety detract from your wedding planning experience. There are an abundance of ways to deal with these thoughts and feelings in order to enjoy the journey to your special day.

Outline Your Values

When it comes to planning your wedding, you’ll want to make all the decisions for this momentous occasion based off of the values you and your fiancé hold dear. However, when anxiety comes into play, it’s not uncommon for those feelings to dictate some of the decisions. To prevent that from happening, outline your guiding values together at the beginning of the planning process. Have a physical document where these are written down so that you can reference the information frequently. Doing this can help you have something to go back to as a reminder of what’s guiding you when anxiety strikes.

Be Open About Your Struggle

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It can definitely be tough to talk about your anxiety, but being open and honest about the struggle can help tremendously throughout the planning process. Confide in someone close to you, like your fiancé, so that they’re aware of what you’re going through. Let them know what exactly about wedding planning triggers the most anxiety and the best ways for them to help support you when the feelings strike. Getting it all out there on the table will make you feel so much better and will allow your significant other to be a partner in combatting the anxiety.

Allow Yourself to Feel

Realizing that the wedding planning process can be an emotional time and letting yourself feel all of the emotions that come along with that can help you ride the waves of your anxiety in a much easier way. Trying to hold in your emotions can just heighten anxiety or trigger a breakdown. For that reason, don’t keep it in! Being in tune with your emotions will make the entire process easier.

Make Time for Yourself

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Wedding planning can be super hectic and demanding. However, making time for yourself is vital, especially if you’re working through feelings of anxiety. Find activities that help you feel relaxed such as yoga, meditation, reading, or taking a bubble bath. Prioritize doing these things and having time where you focus on yourself rather than always zeroing in on planning. This regularly scheduled break can make a huge difference in your mindset.

Start Journaling

Writing down your thoughts and worries throughout the planning process can really help you process what you’re feeling and work through it accordingly. For instance, if you find yourself anxious about different aspects of the actual wedding day, write down what those fears are. Then write down what the worst possible outcome of each worry could be. From there, you can identify solutions for each potential problem, allowing yourself to ease your fears and anxiety.

Enlist Professional Help

If your anxiety is really taking away from your wedding planning experience and frequently causing issues, consider enlisting in the help of a therapist. Talking to a professional to learn coping mechanisms and really get to the root of your anxiety will be very helpful well beyond your wedding day. Even if you don’t feel like your anxiety is severely impacting your experience, it could still be useful and freeing to have a neutral party to talk to throughout the process.

Having anxiety about your upcoming wedding day is normal, but you can definitely diminish these feelings as you go with a little bit of work. Using these tips can make the entire process more enjoyable and fun.

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