Personalizirani vjenčani darovi

Give the Gift Of Personalization

Ako želite da se vaš dar izdvoji od ostalih, razmotriti nešto s osobnim dodirom! Bez obzira na prigodu, imamo toliko savršenih (i savršeno zamišljen!) personalizirani vjenčani darovi for just about everyone. Najbolji dio? Personalizacija je uvijek besplatna! Nastavite čitati kako biste pronašli posebne stvari za sretan par, vaše najbolje, mama i tata & više!

The Happy Couple

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Looking for the perfect wedding gift to help the newlyweds celebrate their new status together? Nothing says “thinking of you” like a personalized keepsake the couple can cherish long after the big day. Monogramed aprons, champagne flutes, or a personalized cutting board will have the happy couple celebrating in style!

The Bride

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A bride-to-be deserves gifts that make her feel special and loved. Select stylish bridal apparel and accessories she can rock before and after the big day. Plus, gifting color coordinating items for the bride and her maids make for a perfect insta-worthy moment!


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Whether you’re heading to your bachelorette weekend or you just want to say a special “thank you” to your leading ladies, cozy essentials (like a personalized robe), a stylish tote, or girls’ night must-haves, will show your appreciation for their friendship.

Majka Nevjesta / Mladoženja


Does your mom love adding a little sparkle and shine to her look? A charm bracelet to complete her day of outfit or accessories to accentuate her mother-of-the bride style are an endearing way to remind her of your special day whenever she wears them!

Otac nevjeste / Mladoženja

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Dads can be tricky to shop for, no matter the occasion, but you can never go wrong with a sentimental gift like this personalized mug of the two of you. A monogram flask is also a perfect keepsake he’ll cherish for years to come!

These personalized wedding gifts can be treasured forever and are the perfect way to celebrate your new status or for recognizing the people who helped you get there. Head to davidsbridal.com to shop 500+ personalized essentials for everyone!

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