Is an Amazing Guest Experience a New Wedding Tradition?

A bride and groom taking a selfie with their wedding guests in the background.

Weddings change so much over time, but it seems like a major part of these momentous occasions as of late is to ensure that guests have a top notch experience. This leaves us wondering—is an amazing guest experience a new wedding tradition that couples are embracing when planning their big day? Below, we explore some of the different ways brides and grooms are creating an unforgettable experience for their guests, making it seem pretty set in stone that this focus has become somewhat of an expectation at weddings.

Welcome Bags

Welcome bags at a wedding reception.

Welcome bags are just one example of the guest experience taking a front seat at weddings these days. These are artfully curated for guests to ensure that they have everything they could possibly need to enjoy this event. From Advil to ward off a hangover to snacks to water bottles to alcohol nips, these bags are known to hold all kinds of goodies for guests to enjoy. Some couples even include items like Uber or Lyft gift cards to help guests get around, or vouchers to grab breakfast the morning after their event. There’s no limit to how elaborate these bags may be, making them something that definitely enhances the guest experience!

Unique Dining

Wedding dining has been taken to the next level, especially in the era of COVID-19 when many couples are opting for smaller weddings. Individual charcuterie cups, gourmet and personalized menus, and themed meals have made an appearance at weddings as of late. These are all fun ways to ensure guests enjoy their dining experience at weddings, really bringing the cuisine and presentation to the next level. Couples are also concerned with guest dietary restrictions, for instance, ensuring there are gluten-free and vegan options for those who prefer to keep certain diets.

Enhanced Entertainment

A Polynesian man playing the ukulele at a wedding.

While music has always been a tenant of wedding receptions, now couples are going above and beyond when it comes to booking entertainment for their big day. Besides just a run-of-the-mill band or DJ, couples are going for other entertainment options as well. Think: a performer such as a magician, comedian, celebrity impersonator, niche musician, or dancers to entertain guests while they eat dinner. There are truly no limits to how couples are finding ways to entertain their guests.

Reception Add Ons

Entertainers aren’t the only special thing gracing wedding receptions these days! Couples are also opting to have more out-of-the-box items for their guests to enjoy. This could be a live painter at the reception, photo booths, tarot card readers or fortune tellers, a live wine and spirits tasting, or a cigar bar for guests to enjoy. Another hit that stands out is a “build your own” station, where guests can put together things like flower bouquets or crowns, terrariums, or other items as a take home gift and activity all in one. This is another area where the sky’s the limit of how guests can be wowed with extras that also serve as an activity.

Late Night Eats

A bride holding a pizza in a box at her reception.

Another thing that adds to the guest experience is late night eats at your wedding. This can be anything from pizza to grilled cheese. Most couples go with a more casual dining option for their late night fare, and many bring in some of their favorite fast food, or food specific to the locale where the wedding is taking place. Other couples go for something sweet like cookies and milk or donuts. Another way to make the guest experience even better is to have take-home boxes available or to have items delivered to hotel rooms after the reception has ended as one last surprise.

These special aspects of weddings go to show that the wedding guest experience is top of mind for many engaged couples—and there are so many ways to take this to the next level!

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