Ēst, Dzert, un Esi laimīgs: Iegādājieties svētku dekorus vietnē Style Me Pretty 40% Izslēgts tūlīt

Mēs parasti izmantotu šo laiku, t.i. Thanksgiving Week — to talk ALL about the start of engagement season, but we’ve actually already done that (and will continue all the way through Valentine’s Day ♥). Tātad, now we can pause on all things soon-to-be-married and embrace some very-merry decorating goals instead. If your home can use some ho-ho-hygge as the holidays draw near, then you’ll want to take a peek at our Style Me Pretty Shop. In addition to all of our wedding products, our best-selling buys and our newer ‘I do’ debuts, we also have a stacked collection of seasonal decor sure to make even the Grinchiest home-owning naysayers (you know who we mean, those who cringe at the sight of any festive home furnishings #WeAllKnowSomeone) change their tune.

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