Non-Traditional Guest Book Ideas

Framed instructions for a wedding guest book with Polaroids.

Guest books are such a fun wedding tradition. However, in today’s world, there are so many new ways to put your own spin on it. Forget a normal book and pen—non-traditional guest book ideas have made their mark! Here’s eight creative ideas you may want to choose from for your own wedding.

Custom Illustration

Have a cool illustration done that your friends and family can sign for your guest book. This could be an illustration of you and your fiancé, your wedding venue, or the location of a special shared memory. This will look beautiful framed in your home after all the signatures are present!

Voicemail Guest Book

Find a vintage phone that’s in working condition and set up a voicemail for it. Leave it out with a sign that tells guests to leave their message after the tone. Guests can speak their message to you on here, which is such a cool and personalized way to spin your guestbook!

Polaroid Guest Book

A wedding guest signing the guest book with Polaroid photos.

For this idea, you’ll need a few Polaroid cameras, film, and a blank guest book (or album with blank paper pages). Place them at your guest book station alongside fun washi tape and pens. Guests can take photos, tape them into your book, and leave their message next to it. This is a small twist on a tradition that makes it more modern and fun to look at than a bunch of signatures.

Wine Cork Guest Book

If you and your future spouse have a shared love for vino, this might be the perfect guest book for you. Collect wine corks that your guests can sign at the wedding reception, and then assemble them into the shape of your choosing, such as a heart, initial, or even a circle. Adhere them onto decorative cardstock or other sturdy material. This will look lovely in your home after the wedding as a decorative piece of art!

Photo Book Guest Book

Have a photo book made to use as your guestbook, using photos from your engagement shoot or from throughout your relationship. Guests can sign alongside the photos throughout the book. This will be a beautiful keepsake and will act like your own little coffee table book after your wedding has passed.

Custom Puzzle or Jenga Blocks

Puzzle pieces for a wedding guest book.

Have a custom jigsaw puzzle printed with simply your names and wedding date in the middle. Make sure the puzzle is assembled before the wedding, and leave permanent markers for guests to sign with and leave their messages. This will be the perfect rainy day activity for you and your new spouse, and as you put the puzzle together, you’ll be able to read all the sweet messages you received! Another fun game you can do this with is a Jenga set. Leave it out during your reception and ask everyone to sign a block!

Perfect Postcards

This idea is for the couple who has perpetual wanderlust. Have a station with postcards from around the globe. Your guests can each sign one and then you’ll have a bunch to look at after your wedding day has come and gone. Use them to inspire your future travels, and during your trip you’ll think of whoever wrote you the message associated with that postcard!

Piñata Guest Book

Do something fun and festive with a piñata! Ask your guests to write their message on a provided piece of paper, fold it up, and place it in a piñata. Then, reading your messages will be super fun as you’ll get to burst it open.

These are just a few unique wedding guest book ideas. Really, the sky is the limit when it comes to what you can do for this aspect of your big day, so use the chance to really get creative!

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