Perfect Pairing: Coordinating Bridal and Flower Girl Dresses

tips for choosing a flower girl dress

If you choose to participate in the tradition of having a flower girl at your wedding, you have another decision to make: what she’ll be wearing. Inviting this precious member brings all the innocence and charm to the wedding ceremony. So, choosing a picture-perfect fairytale outfit will only delight your celebrations. Do Flower Girl Dresses Have To Match The Bride? Traditionally, coordinating bride and flower girl dresses have been a standard. Typically, she wears an ivory/ white imitation of the bridal gown. However, you can certainly modernize the look. It’s just a tradition and no rule, so you can experiment and choose the look that pleases you the most. However, there are subtle ways to create fantastic pairings and make the littlest member of the bridal party look A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E. Creating a Cohesive Look By tradition, the bride is responsible for choosing every attendant’s dress. But in the case of the flower girl, brides also pick the little one’s parents for dress shopping. Together you can make the style, fabric, color, and length requests. Also, her parents usually pay for the dress, but you can offer to cover some costs as a courtesy. Here we list the fashion options for coordinating […]

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