Should You Consider Virtual Wedding Planning?

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Virtual wedding planning has become popular in today’s ever-increasing digital world. In fact, much of the wedding planning process is done virtually regardless of whether you decide to plan in-person or not. Researching themes, venues, and reading vendor reviews are all things that are done virtually, anyway! With a few exceptions like visiting the venue in-person, tasting catering and cake options, or checking out a DJ at an event, everything else is done very easily virtually.

Most companies list frequently requested information directly on their website which is very helpful in the research stage, eliminating the need to visit businesses for information. Planning a destination wedding? No worries! This is easily done virtually as well! With the help of virtual tours and video calls, you’ll be able to visit your site without physically being there.

There are many benefits to the process, but it can be a hard decision to make when getting started. Should you try to tackle all the planning yourself? Should you hire an expert? Or, can you have a little bit of both? Here are a few things to consider when making your decision.


Virtual wedding planning can be a great way to reduce costs within your budget. There are many websites that help you in the process of planning from the beginning to the end with checklists, advice, and vendor recommendations. These sites can be entirely free or charge a small fee. They will help guide you in the process of planning your wedding without putting a dent in your budget. Some of these sites also offer actual wedding planners that you can speak to if needed. They can assist you in choosing vendors or giving advice for location-based questions. If you’re planning a destination wedding, there is always an onsite coordinator that you can contact for video tours or location specific questions as well.


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Depending on your schedule, virtual wedding planning can be a very fitting option. If you have spare time to put aside to do your research, call vendors, and make plans, virtual planning might be the best choice for you. The beginning processes of planning include a lot of research, calls, and quotes with vendors either by phone or via email. If you’re able to coordinate all those calls yourself or share some of the work with your fiancé or a friend or family member, this process will go very smoothly! Keep in mind that a lot of the vendors that you’ll be contacting will likely have many other inquiries they’re dealing with simultaneously, which means you might have to follow up on these contacts multiple times to get things nailed down. If that process seems too tedious for your personal schedule, you may want to consider a personal planner option, or a hybrid planning option.


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Virtual wedding planning sites are a fantastic way to keep organized when planning. These sites can keep track of guest lists, RSVPs, wedding registries, and even offer a free wedding website that guests can visit and stay up to date with. If you’re going to plan the wedding yourself, this is truly the best way to keep track of things. Wedding planning can get hectic very fast which is why most wedding planners are extremely organized. If hiring a wedding planner isn’t in your budget, these virtual sites are your next best thing.


Many couples have in mind exactly what they want for their wedding. Planning your wedding yourself through virtual planning mediums is a great way to feel in control of what is getting done for your day. If you tend to be detailed and extra organized, this method is a great option for you! You will have total control of the entire planning process from beginning to end. Another thing to keep in mind is that guests will tend to contact you first for all their questions including travel arrangements, the gift registry, and RSVPs. Having a wedding website with all that information listed can be your lifesaver when you get flooded with guest inquiries. It’s a simple as sending one link in response to all their questions.

Whether you decide to plan everything yourself or hire a professional, rest assured that there are many tools available to guide you along the way. Virtual wedding planning can be a lot of fun! As long as you have the time to dedicate to it and stay organized, this method of planning is sure to make your journey easier.

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