Should You Get Married at a Venue You’ve Never Visited?

A bride and groom at their wedding reception decorated with a chandelier and greenery.

Getting married somewhere you’ve never been can be a tricky situation, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. This occurrence is becoming more and more popular due to COVID restrictions. There are so many ways to make an informed decision about a wedding venue without even having to step foot on the property. As long as you follow the steps below to ensure you’re comfortable with your decision, you’ll be able to gain a better understanding of whether a wedding venue that you haven’t physically laid eyes on is for you or not.

Inform Yourself as Much as Possible

A wedding ceremony set up outdoors on a lake venue.

If you have your eyes on a venue you can’t go see in person, you’ll want to start gathering information on it. You should go about this in several ways. First, reach out to the venue via email or phone and request information on their wedding packages. Hopefully they have in-depth documentation on all things wedding-related so you can get a firm grasp on what weddings look like there, what packages they offer, how many guests they can accommodate, and what the cost is.

Next, request a video tour. This is likely the best way to see the venue from afar. They may even have a virtual tour recorded that you can watch, noting questions for the venue during the viewing and then asking them after. Every venue goes about things like this differently, so see what they have to offer.

You’ll also want to read as many reviews of the venue as you can to see what others liked and didn’t like about their experience. Use sites like The Knot, Wedding Wire, and even TripAdvisor to get a better understanding from real clients of all that the venue has to offer.

Finally, use platforms like Instagram and Pinterest to search the venue and see what others have posted about it. This gives you a completely real look at the venue from the point of view of real visitors, which can definitely be helpful!

Make Sure the Venue Checks all Your “Must Have” Boxes

A wedding reception set up in a grassy area decorated with white flowers.

After you’ve gathered information on the venue, you’ll want to figure out if it checks all the boxes for your wedding requirements. First, are there dates available that work for your wedding timeline? Next, can they accommodate everyone on your guest list? There are other important things to consider too, such as your budget. Are there other vendors in the area you’d feel comfortable using if you choose to get married here? First, make a list of what’s important to you for your wedding. Then, see if this venue meets those needs. You can’t shape a venue to fit what you want, so don’t compromise on the important stuff!

Weigh the Pros and Cons

A church decorated for a wedding ceremony.

If the venue has everything you need and you’re excited by what you’ve seen, you’ll next want to weigh the pros and cons that you know of surrounding the venue. This is where you should also examine if you know enough about the venue (even without seeing it) to make your final decision. Remember that every venue is going to have a range of pros and cons, so just be honest with yourself about whether this particular one hits all the marks.

Go with Your Gut

A wedding reception in a courtyard and decorated with lights.

Overall, you should go with your gut when it comes to choosing a venue, whether you see it in person or not. If you’ve done all the research, gotten the answers you need, and feel confident in a venue that you’re considering from afar, go with that feeling! If something feels off or makes you feel uncomfortable, there’s probably a reason for it. Don’t ignore your intuition when it comes to planning from a distance (or at all, for that matter).

Choosing a wedding venue sight unseen can be intimidating and maybe even a bit nerve-racking, but it’s definitely possible and can work out great as long as you do the research on the front end.

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