Style Tips for Double Breasted Suits

A groom in a brown double breasted suit and colorful boutonniere.

A lot of emphasis goes into the style of the bride on a wedding day, but you don’t want to forget about the groom’s ensemble. More and more grooms are deciding to wear a double breasted suit for their big day. The beauty of this is that there are so many ways to style this type of suit! We get into the different ways of going about it below so you can decide what looks best when you slip into your wedding day attire.

What Is a Double Breasted Suit?

A double breasted suit has two parallel lines of buttons. It also has overlapping front flaps. Most suits of this variety have between one and four button rows. However, only one or two are used and the others are merely there for aesthetic.

Go with Pinstripes

A pinstripe double breasted suit is something very suave that has a hint of a pattern without being too overwhelming. This is a fun twist for the more daring groom.

Go for a Vintage Look

Double breasted suits in hues of beige and off-white are considered vintage-inspired. Going with one of these jackets provided a debonair look that makes quite the impression!

Don’t Forget to Accessorize

Adding some accessories provides the right amount of flair to a double breasted suit. Adding in elements like a pocket square, tie, or both can go a long way. Keep in mind that it’s always a good idea to coordinate your tie to your pocket square.

Incorporate a Waistcoat

Double breasted suits tend to have wider lapels than other varieties, which means you can wear a waistcoat inside the top if that’s your style!

Always Leave it Buttoned

A double breasted suit should always be buttoned. This helps maintain its slim and sleek look. However, it’s also important to note that the bottom buttons of the jacket should always be left undone. Remember that when you sit down, you can undo the button to give yourself more breathing room and for added comfort. This is the usual practice when wearing a double breasted suit.

It’s all in the Tailoring

Good tailoring is important for a double breasted suit. They’re meant to be snug at the hips and wide at the shoulders. Be sure to get your suit tailored with time to spare so that when you try it on, there will be time for any last-minute adjustments that need to be made.

Add a French Cuff

Dress up your look to complement your suit as much as possible! A striking cuff with smooth cuff links can really elevate your look. You can really get creative with your cufflinks. Go with something classic and monogrammed, something funky or vintage, or with a set that complements your favorite hobbies—like hitting up the casino, a favorite sport, or car. There are all kinds of cufflinks out there, so you’ll be able to find exactly the set that encompasses your personality.

Add a Bold Tie

You don’t need to go too crazy on the pattern or color of your actual suit, but pairing it with a bold tie in an awesome design can really make you stand out. You can go with a traditional tie or a bow tie—it’s really dependent on what your preference is!

Consider a Wool Double Breasted Suit

For the colder months, a wool double breasted suit can fit the season. It’s warm and totally functional! Many of the suits in this material are gingham print or plaid. These are best paired with a white cotton shirt. Cozy and stylish!

Don’t let the bride have all the fun style-wise! There are tons of ways to spice up the look of the groom, especially if he’s wearing a double breasted suit.

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