The Best Spots in Croatia to Get Married

A bride and groom standing next to an old European building.

Croatia is becoming increasingly popular not just as a travel destination, but as a wedding one as well. Its history goes back all the way to the era of the Romans, after which it became a summer holiday hotspot for Australian royalty. If it hasn’t been on your radar yet, you definitely need to check it out!

Situated on the Mediterranean, this mesmerizing eastern European country offers endless gorgeous locations to either tie the knot or have an unforgettable honeymoon. Croatia features over a thousand islands and about a 3600-mile coastline where you’ll find hundreds of charming towns that you’ll instantly fall in love with.

Among the many beautiful places where you can get married, there are a few that stand out. In fact, some of them are so popular that you’re advised to plan well ahead. On that note, let’s explore some of the top five places to get married in Croatia. Perhaps, they’ll even inspire you to have a destination wedding!


A road surrounded by old buildings in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Year after year, Dubrovnik retains its title as the number one Croatian city in which to tie the knot. It’s easy to see why! Between the stunning historical architecture, exotic cliffs, luxury beachfront hotels, and wow-worthy vistas, the area has tons of locations to make your special day just that.

Although it’s best known for being a key filming location for Game of Thrones, it has been featured in many other movies and TV shows. However, if you’ve always dreamt of visiting King’s Landing, getting married in Dubrovnik will forever remain a special moment in your heart.

Dubrovnik isn’t just limited to Old Town, either. Consider having a ceremony on the top of Mount Srd, which can be reached via a cable car, and then having a reception at the panoramic restaurant up top. Alternatively, check out Sunset Beach in Lapad, which has several high-end hotels that are perfect for a bigger celebration.

Hvar Island

An aerial view of Hvar Island surrounded by boats.

The second most romantic wedding and elopement location in Croatia goes to Hvar Island. It’s considered the most desirable and romantic island in the country, and also one of the most beautiful islands in all of Europe. Most recently, it was featured in the 26th season of The Bachelor.

Hvar town is definitely the top spot for any occasion, with its multiple high-end hotels and numerous bar and beach clubs. In fact, it used to be the summer home of a former Austrian princess. Start Grad, however, is the oldest city in the country and worth a visit. Alternatively, consider getting married at one of the many vineyards on the island or charter a boat and cruise around the nearby Pakleni Islands and have a ceremony on the sea.


A view of the coastline in Opatija, Croatia.

Opatija is nicknamed the Monaco of Croatia not just because it was a common summer hideaway for Austrian royalty, but also because it quite literally looks like French Riviera Principality. Between the stunning upscale hotels and romantic villas, you can’t go wrong with choosing Opatija as your wedding destination.

This colorful city is highly walkable and boasts a lengthy waterfront promenade to nearby towns. If you’re a foodie, take a stroll to the fishing village of Volosko, which you can reach on foot within 30 minutes. Make sure to explore the city itself as well, as it’s home to lots of cute boutiques, many fine-dining restaurants, and even a few casinos. And should you crave a bit of city life, the cultural capital of Croatia, Rijeka, is just a 30 minute car ride away.


An aerial view of the Croatian island Rovinj.

While Rovinj is a smaller city, it has a surprising amount of history and entertainment to offer. It’s home to some of the most luxurious hotels in the country and is considered one of the most romantic spots for couples. So, it’s not coincidental that so many couples choose to get hitched here, with Hutterott Castle on St. Andrew’s Island (AKA, Crveni Otok or Red Island) being the number-one spot to tie the knot.

Rovinj boasts a convenient location to explore Istria, which is known for its vineyards, castles, and nature. Needless to say, you are guaranteed some amazing wedding photos should you choose to get married here.


A view of the Croatian island Mljet.

If you want something more remote and tranquil, the island of Mljet, accessible via an hour-long ferry ride from Dubrovnik, could be your perfect spot. It is said to be the greenest island in the country, with a significant section of it designated as a national park. At the same time, you’ll find a handful of premium accommodation options and excellent dining options.

Despite Croatia’s growing popularity for tourism, Mljet remains a hidden gem for locals to get away from the crowds even in peak tourist season. Hence, it’s best reserved for smaller weddings. Nature lovers will enjoy the various hiking and biking trails, as well as the many secluded beaches. Meanwhile, wine lovers may want to hitch a boat ride to the vineyard-rich region of the Peljesac Peninsula.

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