The Magic of This Beautiful Burgundy, France Wedding Will Leave You Blushing!

Jennifer Fox Weddings and Giacomelli Weddings teamed up to design this wedding in the heart of Burgundy that articulated love with romantic refinement and a vintage flair! Florésie’s blooming blush florals danced to the sweet melody of the piano and harp at the breathtaking Domaine de l’Abbaye Maizières. Love was felt all around, and every delicate detail was thoughtfully curated for a graceful yet cozy atmosphere. From Silent Word Studio’s monogrammed invitations to the pastel perfection of Velvet Rendez-Vous & Madame de la Maison’s table settings! Escape to a world of beauty and finesse where even the bride’s dress is blushing in the full gallery, preciously captured by Maïlys Fortune Photography.

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