The Pros and Cons of a Micro Wedding

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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work and travel, how we experience entertainment, and even how we get married.

Maybe you even know someone who had to postpone their wedding in the throes of COVID-19, or significantly shrink the size of their wedding festivities. These “micro weddings” are becoming increasingly popular, and not just because of pandemic safety reasons. Micro weddings—celebrations with no more than 50 guests—are a great option for couples who are not interested in everything a large, more traditional celebration has to offer.

Thinking a micro wedding might be the right choice for you and your spouse-to-be? In this article, you’ll learn the pros and cons of a micro wedding so you can determine if it’s a good fit.

The Pros of a Micro Wedding

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You’ll Save Money

This may be the most obvious benefit of scaling back your wedding celebration. Having a wedding with lots of guests also means booking a large venue, providing lots of food, requiring more serving staff, arranging more place settings and favors, and so on. These items can add up quickly. Having a micro wedding is a smart choice for couples who are looking to be budget-conscious on their big day.

You’ll Reduce Stress and Nerves

Are you overwhelmed at the idea of planning a big party? Does the idea of standing in front of tons of people stress you out? If the answer to either question is “yes,” a micro wedding might be a better choice for you. For one thing, having a smaller celebration will likely reduce some of the stress of planning. It also means you can fully enjoy the day in a more private, intimate setting without feeling nervous. After all, who wants to feel anxious as they walk down the aisle?

The Wedding May Feel More Meaningful

Sometimes in big wedding celebrations, the true meaning of the day can feel lost under pomp and circumstance. If you want to make sure that the focus of the day is on you, your spouse, and the love you share, opting for a micro wedding is a great way to ensure that.

You Can Be More Creative

With a big wedding comes certain expectations for the order of the ceremony, and what happens when. But when you have a micro wedding, some of those rules can go out the window. Want to host a cocktail hour before the ceremony? Why not! Don’t love the idea of bridesmaids and groomsmen? No sweat! Having a micro wedding gives you more creative liberty to plan the day however you want it to unfold.

The Cons of a Micro Wedding

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You Can’t Invite as Many People

Of course, a micro wedding means that you’ll have to trim down your guest list. Like, really trim down your guest list. If you’ve always dreamed of having lots of people in the audience—coworkers, your sorority sisters, your parents’ friends—a micro wedding may not be the way to go.

Having a Small Guest List May Still Cause Some Drama

Did you assume that a micro wedding would eliminate the drama of a traditional wedding? Think again. When you have to get ruthless about cutting down your list of guests, there’s likely to be some hurt feelings along the way. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a micro wedding. It just means you’ll have to be proactively thinking of a way to explain to people why they didn’t make the cut.

You’ll Have to Get Creative with Entertainment

With a traditional wedding, guests know to expect a party. But when there’s only a small group of guests, the party won’t be as poppin’. Without proper planning, the after-ceremony festivities have the potential to feel boring and even awkward. Don’t neglect this part of planning your micro wedding. After the “I do’s” are said, how will you entertain your guests?

There’s no question that a micro wedding can feel both magical and meaningful. With some advance planning and consideration of the pros and cons, it’s a wonderful way to begin your new chapter as a married couple.

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