craft wedding decoration ideas

The Ultimate Guide to DIY Wedding Ideas on a Budget

The Ultimate Guide to DIY Wedding Ideas on a Budget

Planning a wedding can be daunting from coming up with colors, reception venues, finding the perfect dress and which invitations to choose. If you are a do it yourselfer and want to save a ton of money there are numerous DIY wedding reception ideas and other DIY wedding ideas on a budget if you so desire.

craft wedding decoration ideas

If you are on a strict budget, you don’t have to eat away your entire savings to have the wedding of your dreams. There are many websites like,, that offer up great DIY decorating ideas, DIY wedding reception ideas and other wedding ideas DIY style that will save you thousands.

To have a dream wedding, it is no longer required to sell off your car or forego girl’s night out on the town to be able to afford your ideal wedding. Get the girls together and brainstorm some DIY wedding ideas on a budget and choose from thousands of DIY reception centerpieces and other DIY wedding decoration ideas, all while having fun with your besties.


DIY Wedding Reception Decorations

DIY wedding decoration

There are several different DIY wedding decoration ideas that you could choose from. For example, hundreds of seating place cards can be had cheap as long as you are willing to write them out yourself or the invitations don’t necessarily have to be laser printed as long as you are willing to put your BFF’s to work hand writing them with you.

For those that have a strict budget then DIY wedding ideas could save you some serious cash if you’re willing to give it some effort.  If you want signs commemorating your wedding day then purchase a chalkboard sign that you can hand write your own personalized message or wine charms that you stencil and create your own unique designs are some more cute ideas.

Other DIY Wedding Ideas

Wedding Flower Decorations

Put your crafty self to work with your pals and get hand crafting some DIY wedding reception decorations such as snuffing out the real candle romance. Purchase hundreds of LED flickering votive candles placed throughout the reception venue or even remote controlled pillar candles to line your wedding aisle.

There are so many ways to have the wedding of your dreams but on a DIY wedding on a budget mentality. Don’t break the bank ordering all the custom made wedding decorations. Instead, come up with your own personalized and unique but very stylish wedding ideas DIY style. You will create a memory in yours, your new husbands and your guests mind for a lifetime to come.

DIY Wedding Decorations

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