Tips To Get Your Flower Girl Ready

flower girl and the dress

Getting the flower girl(s) to walk down the aisle with a basket full of flowers can be tricky. You never know how she might handle the responsibility or face the gathering and flashing cameras. It is not a necessity, and you can ditch the idea. But why not just give it a shot, plan for the specifics beforehand, and leave the wedding party in awe. Here are some tips from the Cocomelody experts to get your flower girl ready for the big day. From dresses to duties, here are the must-know secrets. Photo Credit: @bethanyjeanphotography ; Wedding Dress Style: Ginger LD5808 Choosing the Flower Girl For some, the choice is evident, but it isn’t the case for many. There can be several candidates in families with more than one girl child, and making a choice may be challenging. There is no hard and fast rule that you must only appoint one kid for the job. You can have as many as you desire or can handle. Having more than one flower girl can dissipate the duties and create a fuss-free, enjoyable environment for the kids. But if there is only one young girl of suitable age, the job ultimately falls […]

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