one dress, many different looks

ONE dress, MANY looks, to get you the best of both worlds.   Changing into multiple dresses for different wedding functions seems fun and fantastic. It is becoming “the norm” for brides, so to say! Brides are mostly doing two outfits — one for the ceremony and the other for the wedding party. But this also calls for a bigger budget and doubled shopping stress, which might not be feasible for every bride. Also, it contributes to fast fashion for many. The solution? A Convertible Wedding Dress! Usually, it is a sheath/ short dress with an overskirt transforming into a traditional A-line or ball gown dress, i.e., featuring two styles in one. And don’t worry girls, a convertible dress is stylish, very much practical, definitely a thing, can offer customizable styles, and fit almost everyone’s budget. At Cocomelody, we have some stunning convertible wedding dresses that will help you steal the show. Not just two-in-one, but our 2022 Convertible Wedding Dress sports multiple looks. You will be surprised at just how many styles you can minimally and gracefully create with a single dress and a few add-ons. So, take the stress out of your wedding dress shopping and look to […]

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